2007 Hess Toy Truck

2007 Hess Toy Truck

a demonstration of the 2007 Hess Toy Truck – the Monster Truck with motorbikes
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  • ucfbtm:

    Excellent.That is a great collection.(I assume by your age,that your parents started that legacy for you).
    I had not heard of Hess before I moved to the US in ’95 – we didn’t even have many of the gas stations here.Then I had my son in ’96,which gave me an excuse to have the “toys”.I think I’ve said here,or other years.I DO let him play with them,which he does lovingly and thoughtfully – I’m not going to sell them,so there’s no point in leaving them unopened and unenjoyed.His joy is priceless

  • dannyperkins2:

    My hess collection is from 1989 to 2008

  • ucfbtm:

    Thanks very much.That sounds like a great collection you have – I started in 99,but now I HAVE to continue,so that I can make the annual demonstration video! :)

  • LaPavoniMac:

    I have all the trucks from 1990 to 2008!! Nice video!!

  • bloodybones101:

    i have it

  • ucfbtm:

    Wow,I never would have thought to take their hands off the handlebars! Thanks for letting me know – both arms go up! Cheers

  • nascarandjeff123:

    Did you move the hands up, thats a hidden feature!!!

  • nascarandjeff123:

    Yeah, I got it today, it is kind of bad, i did not like it at all, espicially since I have all of them! AND I AM NOT SELLING!!!!

  • mettanc:

    i have left 360, but i am here daily! lovely video!!! adam will love the gift!

  • ucfbtm:

    I shld have included both the box AND the special bag.(I really am such a rank amateur :( ) Yes,I do wrap it up inside the box – gets ripped open pretty quick.Thankyou so much for stopping by.Lovely to see you

  • mettanc:

    not sure who will love the hess more….u or adam.
    did it come in a box? will u wrap it?
    t-day next week!!!


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