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  • Fit all 25 pieces into place before the clock runs out
  • When time is up, the tray ejects the pieces
  • Helps younger kids learn shape recognition
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Kids will soon develop speed and accuracy so much they’ll want to take on Mom and Dad

Hasbro 1160000 Perfection (EA)Even adults will be challenged by attempting to fit all 25 pieces into place before the 60-second alarm sounds. These complex geometric shapes need to be matched with the appropriate hole before the whole tray pops up an

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CABBAGE PATCH KIDS – 11″ Alice In Wonderland Storybook Collector Doll

CABBAGE PATCH KIDS – 11″ Alice In Wonderland Storybook Collector Doll

  • Powder Scented – Measures 11″ Tall
  • Includes doll, Adoption Papers, & Commemorative Birth Certificate
  • Ages 3+

Crafted in the image of the Classic Storybook Character, Alice in Wonderland!

Price: $ 34.99

LeapFrog Tag Reading System 32 MB

LeapFrog Tag Reading System 32 MB Top Offers
Now Holds Up to 10 Books!Inspire a love of reading with Tag – the amazing touch reading system that brings stories to life like never before! Now the #1 best-selling reading system, the Tag Reader is loved around the world with more than 28 awards in 6…

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Traxxas Remote Control Sport RTR Truck

Traxxas Remote Control Sport RTR Truck Top Deals
Traxxas’s Nitro Sport is a nitro burnin’, dirt eatin’, fire breathin’ R/C riot! The Nitro Sport is the perfect entry level nitro car thanks to its EZ Start system, which reduces starting to an easy, three step process: Just pour in the fuel, plug in the c

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Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Doll – Caucasian Girl with Red Hair

Cabbage Patch Kids 25th Anniversary Doll – Caucasian Girl with Red Hair

  • The original 1983 Cabbage Patch Kids are back to celebrate their 25th Anniversary
  • Just as you remember them, these Kids have their original 1983 faces, hair and fashions
  • Doll comes with a commemorative silver anniversary spoon and collector packaging
  • This lovable girl doll comes with her own unique name, as well as a birth certificate and adoption papers

In celebration of the 25th birthday of the original Cabbage Patch Kids, these limited edition dolls have the same faces, hairstyles, clothes, and even names as the 1983 toys. Each comes with a special “silver anniversary” baby spoon and a new birth

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Matchbox Car Model Number System

Matchbox Car Model Number System

Matchbox die-cast cars have always been assigned a model number. While the system created early on worked well for some time, it eventually began to become very confusing. This article will briefly explain the numbering system and changes over the years.

                Each year the cars would simply be numbered 1 through 75 on the package. The actual model number would be MB# (# is the model number). The model number did not change from one year to the next unless a change was made. For example, the very first Matchbox ever, was the Road Roller in 1953, or model MB1. When a change was made, like the new paint color in 1956, the model number was changed to MB1b. This change still makes sense as it is the same vehicle with a slight variation. It follows suit that the model number should also remain the same, but with a slight variation. This basic version of the system is extremely easy but it will get complicated quickly.

                In 1967, the Road Roller mentioned above, was removed from the line of vehicles and replaced with a Mercedes Truck. What was the model number for the Mercedes? MB1e.  By this time the Road Roller had undergone a few more changes and was currently at model number MB1d, which explains why the new number ended with an ‘e’. However, some wonder why it was continued to be an MB1. When the vehicle changed completely, should not the model number also? From the beginning, Matchbox decided to limit the number of models produced in a year to 75. (This was the case until 2008 when it was increased to 100 cars.) In order to keep the vehicle line to 75 model or numbers, that means that they had to reuse the numbers 1 through 75. While the logic here is understandable, it created confusion since one model number over the decades, ended up representing multiple vehicles that had nothing in common.

                When Matchbox was sold by Lesney Products to Universal Toys in 1982, the numbering system was re-evaluated. The numbering system posed problems, especially from manufacturing perspective. Universal changed the numbering system so that when a new vehicle was added, a new number was added to the MB# list. (They were well past MB600 as of 2002.) However, they made this change on the manufacturing side only. The customers continue to see cars numbered 1-75 (or 100). Another reason that Universal adopted a new numbering system was the fact that cars where produced for five different regions of the world. These regions were the Americas, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and the Rest of the World (aka ROW). The line of cars produced by each region was similar but naturally, there were many variances as well. This meant that even within one year’s production, there may have been up to five variations of any model number.

                While the numbering system may only be of concern to collectors it has been updated to drastically reduce the possibility of variances among one model number. However, it still poses problems when collectors are seeking older vehicles since the model number they desire represents multiple vehicles. The year is very helpful in narrowing down to the specific vehicle in this situation, but be assured that some verification will be required when looking for a specific vehicle.

Author Wesley Skiles is creator of www.mattelmatchbox.com, a novice collector and father of two boys that love die-cast cars.

Mattel Disney Toy Story 3 Fashion Doll – Jessie

Mattel Disney Toy Story 3 Fashion Doll – Jessie Top Deals
Jessie The Yodeling Cowgirl Who Wins Everyones Hearts Is Ready To Wrangle Up Some Fun. Standing At 11.5 In Fashion Doll Scale Jessie Comes With Poseable Arms And Legs Rooted Yarn Hair Cowgirl Clothes And A Hat. manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 Years And…

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Does anyone own the Fisher Price “Itsy Bitsy Bouncer” and have a picture of the box?

Question by Bapo33: Does anyone own the Fisher Price “Itsy Bitsy Bouncer” and have a picture of the box?

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Answer by lavinia s
no,you are from romania?

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Pac-Man: The Board Game

is.gd is a thing you click to see a slightly different version of this video on TGWTG.com.
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Travel Etch A Sketch

Travel Etch A Sketch

  • The classically simple Etch-a-Sketch is one of the best-known toys of a generation and remains popular today.
  • No batteries, No problem. The classic Etch a Sketch is powered by skill and imagination.
  • The Travel Etch a Sketch is the perfect size to take along those long trips.
  • Every child deserves an Etch a Sketch.
  • Recommended Age Range 3 and Up.

If you can dream it, you can draw it-and now, it’s a snap to take it along with you! Hit the road in a creative way with this travel-sized version of the all-time favorite classic drawing toy. Travel Etch A Sketch looks and operates exactly like the

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