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remote control rc radio control USS Chicago RC sub Submarine

remote control rc radio control USS Chicago RC sub Submarine

  • ages 8+

Product Specifications:

Transmitter: Standard 2-Channel radio wave controller
Battery: Requires 4 “AA” batteries in the sub, Controller requires 1 9V battery.
Product Features:

20-30 minutes of running time, depending on use
Sturdy construction to

Price: $ 124.95

The Pussycat Dolls – Bottle Pop

Music video by The Pussycat Dolls performing Bottle Pop. (C) 2009 Pussycat Dolls, LLC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Horus Heresy: The Board Game

Alan Merrett (Head of IP, Games Workshop) and developers from FFG, talk about the history of Horus Heresy and the new game by Fantasy Flight Games.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

What country is also called the “Home Of Legos”?

Question by prettypigtails: What country is also called the “Home Of Legos”?
Does anyone know? All I know that it’s a Scandinavavian country.

Best answer:

Answer by Jobo N
That would be England right?

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Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set

Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set

  • Based on Disney/Pixar?s New Film Toy Story 3
  • Celebrates the romantic scene from the movie
  • Barbie and Ken have been sweethearts forever
  • Special kissing feature by pressing Barbies back to give Ken a kiss
  • Includes lipstick to leave a lasting impression

Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set…Barbie and Ken

List Price: $ 26.99

Price: $ 38.99

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Pink)

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning System (Pink)

  • iXL is the ultimate handheld learning tool designed for kids
  • 6 ways to play: Digital Reader, Game Player, Note Pad, Art Studio, MP3 Player and Photo Viewer
  • Comes with pre-loaded software for the various applications
  • Opens like a book, exposing a 3.5″ TFT QVGA color screen
  • To see more information click the “Watch it in Action” link below the main product images

The iXL 6 in 1 Learning System by Fisher Price is the ultimate and coolest handheld learning system designed for kids 3-7.The iXL Learning System has six great applications for kids: Digital Book Reader, Game Player, Digital Art Book, MP3 Music Pla

List Price: $ 79.99

Price: $ 125.00

On the Doll (2008) Clip

In stores everywhere: June 17th, 2008 www.onthedoll.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tips in Choosing the Best Toddler Toys For Your Precious One

Tips in Choosing the Best Toddler Toys For Your Precious One

As a child reaches the toddler years, he begins to learn new things. He becomes curious and starts to learn his “firsts”. Being a toddler is a crucial phase in a child’s life. This is a year of milestones for him. Thus, it is imperative that parents give their child only the best toddler toys to aid in his proper development.

Each child develops at a different pace. There are those who develop quicker and there are those whose development lag behind others. If you want your child to become an achiever and to shine above his peers, be sure to give him all the attention, support, and encouragement he deserves. Moreover, give him toddler toys which can help develop his aptitude.

What are the best toddler toys for your baby?

There are many kinds of toddler toys. Toy makers have developed toys for specific age groups. In buying a toy for your precious toddler, make sure that the toy is designed especially for children his age.

For the one-year old toddler, it is best to buy him toys which can be filled and emptied. Two- to six-piece puzzles are also good. These toddler toys help develop the child’s ability in forming mental images of things.

Other toys best for this age group are squeeze toys, colored balls, assorted sizes of unbreakable mirrors, toy trucks, and colored books with vibrant and colorful pictures. Toddler toys like these help improve the child’s grasping and releasing ability, develop self-discovery, enhance creativity and imagination, and develop his conceptual development. Furthermore, toys that are imitations of real gadgets such as toy POS machines and toy cellular phones cultivate a child’s problem-solving skill and social and language development.

For the two-year old toddler, toddler toys such as mini cassettes, toy phones, toy trucks, building blocks, books of rhymes, picture books, and toys which let them play and hear music are the best. At two years old, a child can already form mental images of things, actions, and concepts. Likewise, he can already grasp the concept of simple puzzles and shape-sorting toys. He also hums and tries to sing and enjoys looking at colorful books. Giving him such toys would help develop these abilities.

At three-years old, a child already has the ability to speak clearly. It is at this period that he begins to ask questions about anything and everything that catches his fancy. This is the best opportunity to develop his mental ability. Toddler toys that are best for this age group are coloring books, toy PC, alphabet puzzles, easel companion sets, latches board, doll houses, dolls, and furniture set. Building blocks can also aid in the mental development of a three-year old.

Toy stores offer a wide variety of toddler toys. Make sure that when you buy a toy for your toddler, you buy only those which are safe for your precious one. Do not just buy any toy which catches your fancy. Buy those which have passed quality assurance and are truly baby-friendly.

For more tips and information about toddlers toys, check out http://www.thekidstoystore.com/toddler.html.

Article from articlesbase.com

Pretty in Pink Etch A Sketch

Pretty in Pink Etch A Sketch

  • It’s a magical drawing toy and it’s a purse you can take anywhere
  • On the outside, the amazing classic Etch A Sketch screen lets you draw anything you can imagine
  • On the inside, store your own pens, paper, candy and more
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Age: 3 Years and Up
  • Number of Players: 1 or More Players
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Travel Size: Yes
  • Care and Cleaning: Spot Clean Only

It’s a magical drawing toy in the shape of a purse so you can take it anywhere! On the outside, the amazing classic Etch A Sketch screen lets kids draw anything they can imagine. On the inside, kids can store pens, paper, candy and more!

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 11.99

23″ Ht Radio Control Rc Battle Warship Boat Cruiser Destroyer

23″ Ht Radio Control Rc Battle Warship Boat Cruiser Destroyer

  • Basal Functions: Go Forward/backward, Turn left/right
  • Fasted Speed: 5Mile/H
  • Operation distance: around 120feet
  • Playing time: 20 Minutes
  • Suitable age: 3-14

1:250 Scale Japanese Yamato Electric RC WWII HT-3826 Warship/Battle Ship

Yamato, named after the ancient Japanese Yamato Province, was a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was the first built (the lead ship) of the Yamato class. She and

Price: $ 26.58