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Playmates Toys Disney Fairies Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure 8 Inch Figure Arrival Tink

Playmates Toys Disney Fairies Tinkerbell & The Lost Treasure 8 Inch Figure Arrival Tink Best Prices
Spring into the magical world of Pixie Hollow where the fairies are preparing to bring Spring to the world. With excitement & enchantment around every bend, you’ll sing, dance, laugh & play along with the spunky & spontaneous Tinker Bell. And together…

$ 11.99
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ANYONE from the D.C. metro area…………….?

Question by dctrod225: ANYONE from the D.C. metro area…………….?
PLEASE tell me Y the fad now is to look as trashy as possible ?
I don’t care what U say, it does not look good at all.
If U are frome the D.C. area then U know exactly what I mean. the young teenagers have LOST THAIR MINDS, they all look like “RAGGEDY ANN” or neglected “CABBAGE-PATCH” dolls.
I’m sireous, girls wear 90 difrent colors and mo-hawk hair styles, BIG PLASTIC costume jewelry(ear rings,bracelets,necklesses), pants and a skirt——- ALL AT THE SAME DAG_ON TIME.
W_T_F ?????
I am dead sirious people, I’m only telling it like it is, RAGGEY ANN and neglected CABBAGE-PATCH dolls ……. It’s sad.
The thing is,to look like U just didn’t give a F–K when U came outside.
And I dont care what U say > IT’s NOT CUTE <, but Y do U do it ?????????????
If u'r from th D.C metro area- PLEASE respond.

Best answer:

Answer by tericee
They dress like that in London too, if it makes you feel any better…

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Why does “board games” have its own category while Judaism and Christianity are lumped into “Religion”?

Question by Truth Crusader: Why does “board games” have its own category while Judaism and Christianity are lumped into “Religion”?

Mouse trap and Monopoly is to Orthodox Judaism and Reformed Judaism: not Judaism and Christianity. They are games with a subcategory board game. This is religion and spirituality without any subcategory.

Best answer:

Answer by Anansi
because they are religions, and board games are very different compared to video games.

bad troll is bad

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Remote Control Sailing: The Independence from Chesapeake Light Craft

Our friends Eric Schade and Dave Jackson developed this excellent 48-inch long sailing model, which they’ve named the “Independence.” Large fleets of Independence sailing models have been built from kits over the past few years, including at the WoodenBoat School and at the Pequot Yacht Club, where they are raced with competitive fervor. A powerful sailing model, the Independence is equipped with straightforward and inexpensive remote control technology. Kids will be thrilled with the model, but will have a VERY difficult time wresting the controls from their parents. Since the Independence is a “one design” class, you can build or join fleets of Independence models for racing. Fleets of early-model Independence sailboats are already up and running in New England. Now you can start your own, or just enjoy tacking and jibing in the nearest pond. Learn more about the Independence here: www.clcboats.com
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What do you think of “Katie” by Linda Webb for Ashton Drake as a collectible baby doll? I really need answers!

Question by mikey0612: What do you think of “Katie” by Linda Webb for Ashton Drake as a collectible baby doll? I really need answers!
I need to know what people think of this baby doll “Katie” by Linda Webb. I want to know if she is any better than her brother “Charlie”? Which one would be better for, you know a 13 year old girl? Who loves babies and collectible baby dolls. I have one collectible baby, she is “My baby Girl” by Sheila MIchael and her name is Delanie. I take really good care of her so I’m not some crazy little girl who buys a doll and gets bored with it 15 minutes after she sees it. Please provide some answers that make sense, that a 13 year old girl can understand. Thanks!
sry about the whole backround check thing. but seriously need answers!

Best answer:

Answer by Y!Arnlady
Charlie is a 2005 Dolls Awards for Excellence Nominee and a 2005 DOTY Nominee. There is every indication that Katie will prove just as popular.

For the most current information on the Doll of the year awards, see Doll Reader Magazine.

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Leap Frog Interactive Talking Globe

I’m selling this on ebay. The sound isn’t great on the video. This was recorded with my digital camera, but the sound was very quiet, so I’ve amplified it, which has also made the background noise louder. I always wanted a globe when I was younger, but never got one. I saw this in M&S a couple of years ago, and I had to get it. It was about £79. It is great, and I had fun playing the Eureka Challenge, but I didn’t use it more than 2 or 3 times. It is still in the box. I’ll definitely get another one of these when I have kids, but for now, I think it deserves a better home. This is an English version, it has an English accent rather than an American one.

Silly Putty Holiday Fun Pack

Silly Putty Holiday Fun Pack

  • Silly Putty 2 pack Red and Green
  • Perfect for stocking stuffers.

CRA 08-0934 SIZE: EACH 2-Ct Holiday Pack Silly Putty Crayola Silly Putty Green-Red CRAYOLA Crayons, Drawing, Coloring & Creative Supplies CRAYOLA SILLY PUTTY PRODUCTS

Price: $ 4.99

Desk toys at work

Desk toys at work

Image by slworking2
Some of the toys in my cubicle.

popular dance moves in 1990?

Question by Penny: popular dance moves in 1990?
I know “hip hop” was popular in 1990…but what are some specific dance “moves” that were popular? Is the “cabbage patch” one?

Best answer:

Answer by s0mthing_sweet
the macorenia i didn’t spell it rightttttttttt

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How do you play the board game “Bok”?

Question by soccerzoe: How do you play the board game “Bok”?
I found a box at a thrift store named “Bok” and it claims to be “The ultimate strategy game for two players”. It has a board, and dice, and chips, but no instructions and googling it brings up nothing. Does anyone have the instructions or know how to play?


Best answer:

Answer by travis
I remember this game, we used to play it as a kids… once

Okay first you roll the dice to see who goes first, the fist to role a prime number goes second and also gets 35 points, then the first player moves 16 times the last number they rolled and then lays four chips on their opponents head, while balancing the chips they must hop backwards over the board, if they fail to do this he/she proclaims “mulligan” and player one then gives him/her a melvin, if player two is “going commando” player one must then divide by zero at which point the entire board game disapears into the void, and reappears in some yard sale in northern Michigan. What happens if player two is wearing underpants? well, long story short, I’m missing the middle toe on my left foot, and my opponent still to this day can’t say “pumpernickel” without stuttering.

Give it a try, it’s actually quite fun.

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