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Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker

Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker Top Offers
The Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker is a great grow-with-baby rocker & seat. Newborns enjoy a low-profile position that moms feel is a comfy place to put baby for either rocking or sitting still and there’s vibrations to soothe. When…

$ 49.98
+ $ 0.00 shipping
$ 49.98
+ $ 0.00 shipping

Have All The Fun And Excitement With Rc Boats

Have All The Fun And Excitement With Rc Boats

RC devices are always fun and excitement for people of all ages. You can have all the past time with RC boats when on your favorite picnic or even on weekends. Electric versions might fly one the surface of the water whereas with RC boats, you might just stay dry and safe relaxing on the shores of the water! It is possible as when using RC boat you may never have to step in the water. No matter if you like playing with rc boats along with your friends or even try to get engaged into it as a hobby, there certainly are more than millions of ways of getting involved in all the fun and excitement.

So what can be more exciting than enjoy your best collection of rc boats in your fleet. One of the main reasons why this is looked up as an outstanding hobby is that your budget for collecting different types of rc boats, like electric rc boats or gas rc boats, can never define the parameters of your hobby. You can always try to collect rc boats that are available for an affordable price over the internet or even from sale going on in the general store. This pastime can easily be accessible to anyone for an affordable price. Selecting the right type of electric rc boats or gas rc boats can always be an overwhelming task for anyone who is new to the sport of collecting rc boats. You just have to try and maket he best choice for selecting the type of of engine make, style and size along with power.

There are a number of rc boats available in the present market that are in fact preassembled and so you just need to get started the moment you open up the box. Some other type of rc boats are available in the present market that require a lot of ornamentation in the later stages. So the way you are interested in handling your endeavor is simply your own personal choice. It certainly is possible for anyone to use electric rc boats that are straight out of box and may not need much of ornamentation works. You have to keep in mind that there are a number of people who enjoy assembling and preparing their own personal ornamented rc boats as they get a chance to get further involved with their bets collection. There are a number of rc boats available in the market that are provided with a simple instruction manual for assembling them.

So if you are a new boat user it is important that you read the complete set of instructions so you avoid any further damage as these rc boats certainly do have a number of delicate parts that could in fact be damaged if not assembled in their proper place. When going through the assembling part, it is important that you follow a few set of instructions. In case you feel that you are not able to understand the procedure, than you can also try to seek the help of an expert.

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RC Boats
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USA the Bear TY Beanie Baby

USA the Bear TY Beanie Baby Best Prices
This beanie comes mint with mint tags, and has been stored in a non-smoking environment. Like all of our beanies, it is mint in every way! And of course, the hang tag will be protected with a tag protector!

$ 6.99
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$ 11.99
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:: squeak toy ::

:: squeak toy ::

Image by Raymond Larose
Penny and her squeaky bone. She knows to find the "squeaker" in these things and will gently press it, relentlessly, to hear the tune of the toy.

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The journey is the reward. Please, no group invitations or badges.

Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck

Tonka Interactive Rumblin Chuck

  • He loves to ?pop wheelies? and even ?plays games? ? as you try to load him up, he tries to shake it all out
  • Read from his storybook
  • Then create some ?heavy-lifting? adventures of your own
  • Fun and friendly electronic dump drunk vehicle plays over 50 phrases and sounds ? and even does wheelies
  • Vehicle comes with storybook

Fun talking truck! Great for toddlers! Rugged construction!Ages 3 and up. Requires 4 ‘C’ batteries, included. Measures about 9-inches tall x 6 1/2-inches wide x 12-inches long.The Tonka Rumblin’ Chuck is an interactive companion designed for kids

List Price: $ 44.99

Price: $ 30.40

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peak-A-Boo Waterfall Soother

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Waterfall Soother is a great way to entertain your baby while they are in the crib. It plays music and nature sounds. It lights up and a monkey swings from the branches.




Scale: 1:18
Speed around 5 mph/hr
Remote Control Range 20 meters
Goes Forward, backward, left, right

Package Includes:
Requires 4 AA Batteries & 1 9V Battery
Wireless Radio Control Transmitter
All Batteries Included


List Price: $ 24.50

Price: $ 24.50

The Interesting Origins Of Educational Wooden Toys

The Interesting Origins Of Educational Wooden Toys

One would think with all the bright gadgets and gimmicks overloading children’s senses in today’s toy market, they wouldn’t have any time for the simpler things in life. This is not the case, as wooden toys are still as popular as they ever were. Toys made from wood have a certain straightforwardness about them that encourages a child to use their imagination. It doesn’t matter whether they are painted bright colors or natural, kids love to play with them.

A Brief History of Wooden Toys

Archaeologists have reported finding spinning tops made from wood as evidence that wooden toys have been around since ancient times. Hand crafted dolls and animals have been found which were made for children in dating back as far as 1100BC. Wood for toy making would have been their first choice since it is so readily available and not hard to work with. Wooden building sets, dolls houses, jack-in-the-boxes and jig saw puzzles are all wooden toys designed in the 1800′s which are still very popular today.

Toy Peddlers

It was in the sixteenth century that Germany started producing toys for trade. The men who made them would travel around the country selling them as they went. They were time consuming to make, and were considered a treat or gift for unforgettable events. Some craftsmen were lucky to be enlisted to make toys for the royals, and were paid well for their work.

Educational Wooden Toys

Whenever we think of wooden toys we think of the little blocks with the alphabet painted on them or engraved into the wood. Toys that children could learn from date back as far as the eighteenth century in the UK. When adults saw how much a child could develop their imagination playing with the blocks, they sought out more miniature friends for them. Small hand crafted animals and dolls then became more common.

If you don’t think alphabet blocks then you definitely think wooden trains when you hear about vintage toys. It was in the nineteenth century that a lot more thought was put into creating children’s toys. Craftsmen developed revolutionary items like the jack in the box, wooden army men, complex houses for girls dolls and wind up toys with moving parts. They made trucks and trains with tracks and just about anything appropriate they could to make children feel like miniature versions of their parents.

Wooden Building Toys

The twentieth century saw a boom in the building industry, both commercial and domestic. It seemed relevant, with so many father’s going to work, that a range of toys be bought out for children who wanted to be like their dads. Interlocking and interchangeable pieces that came in sets so children could build things is what they released. Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys are two companies who produced these wooden toys, and they are still around today.

There are so many flashing, plastic, battery operated toys in stores that it comes to the point where they all seem to blend into one. It is so lovely to see a child surrounded with hi tech toys and their eyes still light up when a wooden train is introduced. They may be more expensive because they aren’t mass produced in Asia, but they pass the test of time and have great benefits in stimulating a child’s individuality and creativity. They are also classic decorations as well.


Still nowadays wooden toys are the favorite for many children. They are great for developing creativity and many are designed to educate them as well. Don’t fall for the hype of cheap five minute wonder toys, but instead invest in quality that will last lifetimes.

Brooke Hayles
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Gund Dylan Teddy Bear – Small

Gund Dylan Teddy Bear – Small

  • 13 inches tall
  • Classic design
  • Sheer plaid bow
  • Soft plush
  • Surface washable

Gund Dylan Teddy Bear – Small The little brother of the Dylan Bears, this 13″ Gund Teddy is a classically designed keepsake great for play or display. Everything is perfectly placed from his button eyes to his sheer plaid bow. The strong stitching

List Price: $ 14.50

Price: $ 14.50

Why Play Leap Frog?

Why Play Leap Frog? (1949) is a short animated industrial film emphasizing labor’s stake in a strong relationship with management, and that increased productivity and innovation are mutually beneficial. Sutherland, formerly an assistant director for Disney, continues the style and sensibility of the studio. The idealized and homogeneous environment of the film—reflective of the racial and gender politics of the time—provide a stark contrast to the contemporary realities that I document in this film. In Sutherland’s film, a worker paints faces on dolls assembled on a conveyor belt. After discovering that he can hardly afford the doll on his wages, he approaches the manager with an ingenious idea of a forked brush that enables the painting of four dolls at once. With no additional effort, the film implies, this worker’s wages increase and the cost of the doll decreases. I am particularly interested in the gender dynamics within the animation. The all-male workforce of the animation produce a female doll, which is then sold by a female clerk, presumably as a toy for girls. In a similar vein, the washing machine is produced for domestic chores, traditionally the work of women. In addition, this innovation is presented as an unequivocal gain for all—strikingly at odds with the apparent exploitation and alienation facing the subjects in my film, now rendered “obsolete” in the profit imperative. This version, which is to be shown as a 16mm film also titled Why Play Leap Frog