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Toy Motorcycle On The Fritz

My Mom Put My Dad’s Electric Toy Motorcycle Under Hot Water And Well, It Got REALLY REALLY Messed Up
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Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

Image by jurvetson
Just watched it at PIXAR Animation Studios today.

It was fresh from the Renderman can, as they finished the 3D cut last week, after four years of effort.

It was quite entertaining – better than Toy Story 2 or Cars, IMHO. Lasseter asked us not to disclose any plot elements, of course, so let me just say that Ken & Barbie steal the show with wonderfully funny renditions of their likely dialogs.

Kid Galaxy Sea Streak Storm Swell R/C Boat

Kid Galaxy Sea Streak Storm Swell R/C Boat

  • Twin ducted motor drive system for super fast acceleration
  • Differential steering for easy maneuvering
  • Low profile ?M-style? hull design for radical hydro maneuvers
  • Runs in pools, ponds, and lakes
  • Full function RC

Wave Breaking, Wave Making Fun! The Sea Streak boat is designed uniquely with a twin ducted motor drive system for super fast acceleration and differential steering for easy maneuvering. Sea Streak is styled with a low profile “M-style” hull design f

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 22.82

Why do truck drivers play “leap frog” on the highway? They are all going slow…why pass each other?

Question by Lost OC Boy: Why do truck drivers play “leap frog” on the highway? They are all going slow…why pass each other?
And why do they wait to get in the left lane to pass until cars are close?

Best answer:

Answer by med_cloud
Why do you change the channel on your TV set? A change of view keeps your brain active…its a good thing on a long haul.
Who wants to stare at the back of a truck, miles on end?

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Megatech Interceptor Aerobatic Remote Control Jet

Megatech Interceptor Aerobatic Remote Control Jet

  • The dual stick transmitter also has built-in charging circuitry for convenient “charge it anywhereany time” capability.
  • The Megatech Interceptor is perfect for year-round radio control fun.
  • The NEW Megatech Interceptor is much more than just an awesome looking jet.
  • The Interceptors Micro Mag twin motors supply so much thrust that it will do a complete loop no problem!

Stellar Flight Performance and Duration — The twin motors of this RC jet supply so much thrust it can complete a loop effortlessly. Capable of vertical climbing and looping, the jet features differential thrust turning technology, independently vary

List Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 69.95

Tonka RC Ricochet overview & test

The Tonka RC Ricochet is reviewed at RCMania.com
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TY Beanie Baby Jeanette – Alvin and the Chipmunks

TY Beanie Baby Jeanette – Alvin and the Chipmunks

  • Official product from Ty?s wildly popular Beanie Boo Collection
  • Look for the familiar heart-shaped tag that means you?ve purchased an authentic Ty product
  • Handmade with the finest quality standards in the industry
  • Collect them all
  • High quality for a low price

From the Ty Beanie Babies Collection.Approximate size 7 inches.One of the Cartoon style TY Beanies.

List Price: $ 11.99

Price: $ 2.83

Big Toy Box

Big Toy Box

Image by jurvetson
I keep a big toy box in my office. At IDEO, they have a LOT more toys scattered about. This toy box is a treasure chest of material muses and epiphany catalysts.

The exothermic chain-reaction gel pack was a real treat. Flicking a catalyst triggered a creeping phase change on my hand at the same pace as the silver hand coating on Neo in The Matrix. In this case, the clear gel blossomed to a hardened white and gave off much heat.

Designers and scientists and creative people orchestrate and amplify the act of playing.

” Crayons and Legos”…Where did the time go?

Question by hp…the wetter the better: ” Crayons and Legos”…Where did the time go?
Crayons and Legos
building colors
smelling the Easy Bake
while Fred yells for Wilma

Lucy, I’m home
stepping over Tonka trucks
Hazel teaches Jimmy a lesson
where is Car 54 anyway?

Hmmm, der’ Andy
Play-doh sticking
to Yahtzee boards
as I Dream of Jeannie

Hogan’s Heroes get caught
again, my football is lost
while Star Trek waits
I eat the evening news

The man on the moon fell
on to a Punji stake
bleeding Red White & Blue
for four dead in Ohio

Camille waves a world away
winded, I am not a crook
man, what a trip
Are You Experienced?

Back in the closet
# 44 hangs quietly
fields now are for killing
and the band played on

Why Why, does America cry?
world too heavy for the levee
and my friends had to die

All of my toys
used to take me so high
thinking, could this be the way
that I’ll die

Best answer:

Answer by nikki
this is so good i love it

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Question for 9/11 ‘truthers’…?

Question by Dead Marxist: Question for 9/11 ‘truthers’…?
I rarely engage the conspiracy mongering types, but seeing as how I am in a somewhat mirthful mood…

Give me a REASONABLE theory about what happened to the passengers on United Airlines Flight 175, American Airlines Flight 11, and American Airlines Flight 77.

I already know the ‘theory’ about United Airlines Flight 93 (that they were ‘shot down’ by the Air Force), despite the fact that Karl Landis, who was driving nearby, saw the plane as it “rolled slightly to the left and appeared to hit the ground at almost a 90-degree angle.” Another witness, Eric Peterson, who was at a nearby auto shop, looked up when he heard the plane, “It was low enough, I thought you could probably count the rivets.” And of course, we will for the moment, dispense with the plane’s recovered black-box, cell phone calls of crew members CeeCee Lyles and Sandra Bradshaw, as well as that of passengers Todd Beamer, Jeremy Glick, Linda Gronlund and others.

But let’s take the other 3 flights….Either ‘remote-controlled planes’ or ‘missiles’ hit the WTC and Pentagon. O.k., then what happened to the passengers and crew from the flights that were boarded, packed by baggage handlers and cleared for flight by air traffic controllers?? Were they spirited away to some clandestine government facility, like Area 51?

I anxiously await your theories

Best answer:

Answer by civil_av8r
The conspiracy is that the gov’t came up with the conspiracy. If people think that out gov’t doesn’t have the capability of being able to crash 2 planes into the WTC building at the same time detonating explosives for a controlled demolition, shooting missles at the pentagon, shooting down another plane over PA, hiding/executing all the remaining passengers, and making it look like muslim extremists, then what is the point of doing what they tell you to do?

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