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Bouncing Neon Putty (1 dz)

Bouncing Neon Putty (1 dz)

  • 1 Dozen Neon Putty Containers
  • Putty Bounces
  • Assorted Neon Colors
  • 3″ Containers of Multi-Colored Putty

Why obtain bouncing ball when you can make your own with Bouncing Putty? This enjoyable putty is a excellent activity for young children of all ages.

List Price: $ 12.99

Cost: $ 12.99

The history of Children’s Ride on Toys from today to the past

The history of Children’s Ride on Toys from today to the past

The earliest ride on toys have been around as long as the automobile. Bicycles and tricycles have always been and still are very popular choices for pre-schoolers and adolescents of a variety of ages. Pedal cars, scooters, and wagons are all popular rides on toys that date back to the 1930s and remain popular today. The variety and materials of the riding toy has varied over generations and popularity of these toys has seen surges and waning over periods, but they always come back to popularity eventually.

Pedal cars have been around since the 1930s and were originally designed to resemble real life models of popular vehicles of the time. Children loved the idea of feeling grown up and grownups love watching their children emulate adult actions because it is cute and endearing.

The popularity of the pedal car lasted three decades before there was a decline in popularity due to change in materials from steel to plastic. Today there is resurgence in the popularity of this ride on toy as they are being made from their original designs, along with new models coming out.

Bicycles and tricycles are timeless classic ride on toys that have never seen a decline in popularity. Adult tricycles are becoming very popular for the senior community, but the smaller counterpart is designed for pre-schoolers and is a very fun way for a child to exercise and get around on.

Bicycles come in many varieties and there are even specific bicycles for trick riding, dirt riding, mountain biking, street riding and much more. Scooters and wagons like the radio flyer have been out as long as bicycles and tricycles.

In 1969, the Big Wheel was introduced at a toy fair and gained almost immediate success. A similar version of the Big Wheel was produced by a rival company, but the two companies eventually merged to form the Empire Company.

The Big Wheel was popular in the 70s through the 90s and this three wheeled fun machine has a super large wheel in the front and two wide wheels in the back. It is constructed mostly of plastic and early models of this product had a short life due to plastic breaking down.

Today’s ride-on toys include a variety of battery operated vehicles from toy motorcycles to ATVs, jeeps, and cars. These toys serve to make the child feel even more grown up than pedal cars and bicycles because they have to use steering, a gas and brake pedal. For all intents and purposes it’s as close to real driving as a very young child can get legally get to driving. They require an intense amount of absolute adult supervision.

The popularity of certain ride on toys ebb and fade, but the reality is that pedal cars are still popular with both children and adults who collect them. Bicycles will always retain their appeal; the scooter has regained their popularity since the 1990s. The most appealing quality of manual ride on toys is that they are foot powered and provide a child with hours of adventurous outdoor exercise and down to earth fun.

Scottie is a intermittent author, writing occassional columns in the UK. The complete range of wheely bug ride on toys as well as baby accessories are available with free delivery at Designer Ark. For more information please visit the Designer Ark website.

Scottie is a part time writer who pens articles and copy for a variety of sectors.

DC Universe & Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure 2Pack Superman Vs. HeMan

DC Universe & Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure 2Pack Superman Vs. HeMan

  • DC Universe/Masters of the Universe Classics Comic two-Pack from Mattel
  • This 2-pack consists of Superman and He-Man plus a full-sized comic book!
  • For Ages four & Up

DC Universe & Masters of the Universe Classics Exclusive Action Figure 2Pack Superman Vs. HeMan

List Cost: $ 53.89

Cost: $ 53.89

WWF Stretchin’ Wrestling Figure: Undertaker LIKE STRETCH ARMSTRONG 7″ MINT ON CARD

WWF Stretchin’ Wrestling Figure: Undertaker LIKE STRETCH ARMSTRONG 7″ MINT ON CARD

  • RARE AND Hard TO Locate
  • Wonderful COLLECTIBLE
  • Fantastic GIFT
  • Limited STOCK

Difficult TO Find


Ty Beanie Babies Collection Dora’s Friend Baby Jaguar

Ty Beanie Babies Collection Dora’s Friend Baby Jaguar Leading Delivers
Baby Jaguar will bring smiles and spread joy to folks of all ages. Take pleasure in the soft plush toy from Ty’s Dora the Explorer collection.

$ 3.75
+ $ 2.23 shipping
$ 6.99
+ $ .00 shipping

Toy Story

Toy Story

Image by Ŕooners
Hey buddy, trust me, the armgun aint gonna work…you’re an action figure…a TOY!

Notes: Inspired by Evan MacPhail’s "Buzz Lightyear".

Megatech Mega Pro Remote Controlled Race Truck

Megatech Mega Pro Remote Controlled Race Truck Best Offers
It screams down the road at 25 miles per hour

CSN Shops
$ 94.99
+ $ .00 shipping



Relive your childhood memories with this spectacular tome of Tonka history. On the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Minneapolis, three men created Mound Metalcraft in an old schoolhouse in the late 1940s and set out to make tie racks and garden utensils.

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 9.56

He Man Intro 2002

What the intro to He-Man and the Masters of Universe remake in 2002 could have looked like! I was asked where this came from… I took it from the Season 1 DVD set. It is a hidden behind-the-scenes / meet-the-characters factor.
Video Rating: four / five

Hot Wheel Cars – Reliving Your Childhood

Hot Wheel Vehicles – Reliving Your Childhood

Hot Wheel Vehicles had been originally diecast metal and had been created by Mattel. In 1968 they created there market location debut, to which they had been an huge achievement. Mattel launched with 16 cars at 1st, and these days they are referred to as the “Sweet Sixteen”. Hot Wheel Cars of all colours had been manufactured in plants in the United States and Hong Kong.

Output moves away of the US, and Hong Kong becomes the sole producer of Hot Wheel Vehicles in 1972. Between the years 1968 and 1972 every single car had it is own distinctive trait. The tyres on every single auto were emblazoned with a red line running on the tyre walls. These new models developed the Redlines as a really successful trademark, and so a new era of die cast vehicles was born.

Redline Hot Wheels are almost certainly in each males past for the past 40 years. Early Redlines became portion of the American psyche, by copying the well-known vehicles of that era. To be far more exact, 9 cars followed the style of the day and the other 7 were based on race cars.

Redlines didn’t just rely on red tyres to catch the public attention. As an example these cars had been usually painted in extremely vivid metallic colors referred to as Spectaflame paint and had chromed wheel rims. The diverse styles of Hot Wheel Vehicles truly did capture the imagination of young boys all over the planet. Every single auto was packaged in a blister pack with quite loud colored cardboard backs.

Most young men are now trying to recapture long lost childhood memories by hunting down Hot Wheels Vehicles. Considerably like collecting something, there is a market for Redlines and Hot Wheels collecting in general.

With the dawn of the giant world wide web auction home eBay, it has created it less complicated to locate and purchase even the rarest of old Hot Wheels from reputable dealers and people. If you do propose to bid on eBay for example, do ask to see close up pictures just before creating a bid. In this day and age of the web, finding the Hot Wheel Cars of your choice will not be arduous.

Check out a wonderful range of Hot Wheel Vehicles at Hot Wheel Vehicles! Or alternatively go to the internet site directly at http://www.squidoo.com/hotwheelcars

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