Advantage & Disadvantage of Kiss Me Mascara

Advantage & Disadvantage of Kiss Me Mascara

Benefit & Disadvantage of Kiss Me Mascara

Kiss Me Mascara is the original beauty mascara by Blinc. This mascara is extremely competitive to the standard mascaras obtainable in the market place. Typically mascaras are oil based and it is extremely hard to eliminate them. However, this beauty mascara goes on like a liquid which can be extremely easily removed. It comes in tubes and is offered in salons and spas nationwide. You can easily acquire it from any neighborhood store which sells cosmetics. Moreover, it can be also purchased from on the web shops. You just have to order it on the internet and it will be delivered at your doorstep.

My write-up will offer you with the pros and cons of this highly competitive beauty mascara.


The most incredible benefit of this beauty mascara by Blinc is that it last for the complete day. Even if you blot your eyes with tissues it will nonetheless make your eyes look excellent.

It is approved for sensitive eyes, eyes with get in touch with lens, watery eyes and allergic eyes. Some people stay away from applying such cosmetics due to health factors but, this mascara is not at all harmful for eyes. It will easily fit into the specifications of a lot of men and women. The greatest thing about this mascara is that no remover is needed to remove it from eyes. In addition, it is water resistant and however can be removed very quickly. Kiss Me Mascara defines your lashes by making them look a bit longer. Soon after applying it your eyes will certainly appear stunning.


The most essential disadvantage of the beauty mascara by Blinc is its price. It has a high cost which makes it difficult for individuals of every class to buy it. Some folks actually want to purchase it but when they contemplate their budget they drop the notion of buying it.

Moreover, the mascara does not add considerably volume to the lashes. It does not make your lashes look very lengthy. The liquid state of this mascara makes it tough to apply it. You have to apply it with added care and work and separate the lashes before it dries.


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