Binary Star – Masters of the Universe

Binary Star – Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe. Infinite Rhythm/Subterraneous Records/La Underground. 2000.
Video Rating: five / five

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  • MsbShared:

    @bkdamir Rap.. lets use the word hip hop. Hip hop will NEVER die. Hip hop has soul.. and nothing can kill soul. Hip Hop is still doing great but it is easy to not know that cause it is not easy to find. Celph titled, Gift of Gab, Cradle Orchestra.. fuck it there is too much to name. I guess I have said more than I need to.. in short – /watch?v=NItGh3QThG8 no.

  • pnQuw:

    @djkdjk07 isnt it obvious? cuz tracks like this one here, are masterpieces, true art. not some stupid pop song for the masses, they need to produce this on high rate, so they cant choose to make real art mainstream, empty-V and friends would only have like 20 artists to play.

  • frightmarefan89:

    i wonder how many ppl actually know whats up w/ these two dope MC’s …ppl didnt know shit til they got reunited and did that Paid Dues in California…..get on ur game

  • bkdamir:

    Is this the last dying breath of true rap or will it survive this bling bling fake gangsta shit era with lyrics that 10yo kids could write, and come back stronger? whatchu think?

  • twizm12:

    I’m the 100th like! And 0 dislikes, that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Real Hip-Hop, not that Hip-Pop. Fitting too, cuz I’ve listened to this album 100 times.

  • SwornWordsWornswords:

    one of the best jams on this album…….it demands your head to nod

  • RebornRoyal:

    @TairyHesticles It’s guys like you that post this music for people like me to enjoy. I personally underground music is a tough cycle. It starts with guys llike Binary Star, who make this great music, then the guys on YouTube, like yourself, make videos for the consumer, myself to enjoy. Personally, I think that downloading music is the best way for music to survive. And I agree with @parttboi I like being in an exclusive club or group. Just sharing my thought, peace.

  • N7Digital:

    We need more lyricist like Onebelo

  • binarystarrap:

    Connect with us. New album coming soon!

    Facebook . com/binarystar
    Facebook . com/senimsilla

    Twitter . com/binarystarrap
    Twitter . com/onebelo
    Twitter . com/sillafresh

    binarystar @ love . com

  • CoolGuy95ya:

    Masters of The Universe is just an amazing album.. One of my all time favorites.. Props for uploading the whole album

  • masterj131:

    @parttboi dude i might be late..but thank you for making me realize that cause i’ve been frustrated for so long about people not getting it now i completely understand it doesnt matter

  • THECREAMkillah:

    @SuperPainPerdu try black moon or black star

  • MrBlackAl:

    Honestly..when I listen to music like this, I can’t help but feel my life is complete, and that if I died at that moment I would have no regrets whatsoever..Thank you for saving my life with music like this..

    Battle vocalist the one man army in a war against a bliss

    Rockin’ knowledge brings a weaponist

    Don’t just step to this

    I sent Pharoahe messages like Moses takin’ my people on an exodus

  • Zak420:

    Subtle, anonymous, rap hippopotamus! The knowledge is to see us you must be an astronomist!

    Fucking great song.. Glad it seems to be growing in popularity these days. Binary Star is touring in Michigan during January 2011 according to facebook… Hope some people get to go see them!!

  • SuperPainPerdu:

    @parttboi (sorry for my english) please, i’m searchin for more real hip hop. can you tell me more artists like binary star (im french, and its quiet hard to find americans artists others than lil wayne or other shit..)
    if you don’t know them, go listen to K-Otix.

  • nawhz:

    @djkdjk07 How did you mix in having faith in america and having faith in music industry in the same sentence? That is like saying, man I lost faith in Africa and medical science because niggahs is spreading aids like crazy.

  • slayer16364:

    @parttboi i completely agree but its kind of ironic how binary star broke up because they didnt get along x-D

  • Littlebirdsalone:

    couldnt have said it better myself my brotha,

  • DoctorSess:

    @platapussman nah new rap/hip hop is still ILL, you’re thinking of Hip Pop. underground is full of DOPE shit. hip hop culture=alive, pop culture=cancer plague.

  • platapussman:

    new hip hop is sooooo gay compared to this, mainly cuz its all about sex and drugs and requires only a shitty beat and no talent, where binary star is the exact opposite

  • polc318:

    @djkdjk07 lol. I like girlfriend though. ’tis catchy :)

  • thedexterbros:

    @blibbityblahtrick That’s definitely a 2 bar loop, or two alternating 2 bar loops that are exactly the same except for the change in xylophones or whatever those are. Plus scratching at the end, I’m not downplaying it, this beat is sick, a golden sample can make great hip hop – don’t get me wrong, this is ill

  • blibbityblahtrick:

    @thedexterbros Listen to the beat. Thats not a 2 bar loop. I agree with everything you say. But dont downplay a sick beat like this.

  • thedexterbros:

    @djkdjk07 C’mon man this is POERTY to rhythm – and I’m loving it, but why hate on Avril, she’s singing w/ a hardworking band made up of musicians who are experts at each of their instruments, don’t say that’s not real music when your saying that this is… notice this track is just a catchy 2 bar loop – AND IT’S GREAT, but other music that’s not indie jazz rap doesn’t have to suck does it?

  • feddo62:

    killa beats. so chilled out mayn. reall hip hop!

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