Chris Burden

Chris Burden

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  • gruffgruff92:

    so how many miles can a hot wheel take before breaking? :D

  • DJHotWheel:

    Not a single Hot Wheels car racing. You see a few in the side beam only. All the cars are generic? Why?

  • theyearofourlordig88:

    is this the same chris burden that got shot on purpose?

  • a65232:

    I wonder what the brushes are for? So the cars never have to be cleaned? And this totally wouldn’t work as a real transportation system. Too many different destinations and start points in reality, as opposed to this one, with no real start and end point? A major highway, maybe, but you’ve still got to contend with the idiocy of some drivers out there. Ex: slamming on their brakes for no apparent reason? Fun to watch, though. X D

  • kpmailman:

    @yosoypatrick No, back in the 70′s, all we had was a little 110 camera. Plus, it never occurred to us…lol It was indeed grand, for us kids!

  • yosoypatrick:

    @kpmailman did you take any photos of this, it still sounds awesome!

  • enperio9:

    que rayada pero mola

  • kpmailman:

    When I was a kid, I had hundreds of feet of track, boosters, loops, etc. Ran a track starting at the top (as high as I could safely climb anyway) of an oak tree, wound it down through the tree, and out to the street. Until now, I thought that was pretty damn cool. I denounce myself! Seriously, awesome work!

  • extremeguitarshredr:

    well they mustve played rollercoaster tycoon as a kid! lol

  • iamangge:


  • DrSurprise:

    that’s one big highway intersection!

  • billykeene:


  • oleg146:

    it’s how it looks finished:

  • Feathergreencp:

    How much do you want for that?

  • neok6000:

    why have we not made all roads into hot wheels track yet?
    it would be so awesome!

  • Elissa2902:

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  • QuatreiZer0:

    The fast forward city life

  • SoSoWu:

    so yea, could someone tell me wtf this shit suppose to do

  • billschannel:

    The piece would impact me more if the whole thing gradually gridlocks….

  • thecrazythingsido:


  • corel:

    I think “cool” is not enough. It’s a big waste of time, space, material, and ENERGY ! for what??? … just to look at some toy cars going up and down… not even interacting,
    I dislike :)

  • hhotweel:

    @BionicSlime very ambitous and very cool!

  • sebias2:

    Is this the Performance Artist Chris Burden?

  • TheCyclomethicone:

    @The123bullseye How does this sculpture have anything to do with having a childhood or not?

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