Desk toys at work

Desk toys at work

Desk toys at work

Image by slworking2
Some of the toys in my cubicle.

8 Responses to “Desk toys at work”

  • PunchingJudy:

    Colorful :D

  • Bill's_Eye_View:

    I like the Y2K bug. Ten years ago about this time, people were expecting planes to just fall out of the sky, mass power outages, and other horrors. Companies had "IS" staff on duty for computer crashes and such. So much ado about nothing!
    Have a great 2010!!!!

  • ─┐ee:

    reminds me of the stuff i used to keep on my desk…we were big on the McDonald’s Happy meals then! just enough food and cheap…i of course had tons of the Barbies! bwaahaahaa!!! started out as a joke and then everyone started helping me and kept adding more and more…

  • code_martial:

    Where’s the easy button?

  • stevespurpletevas:

    wheres your teva sandals?

  • Frank Synopsis:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Y2K, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  • captcreate:

    Aren’t you scared someone’ll steal your toys?

  • slworking2:

    PunchingJudy: Thanks. I try to make my cubicle interesting to live in. :-)

    Bill: Thanks. I did some Y2K work, too, but I didn’t have to actually watch the systems on NYE. Yeah, the whole Y2K thing was way over-hyped.

    Lee: Now you’ve just given me an idea for some more desk toys to add. :-)

    stevespurpletevas: I’ve decided that I like wearing flip flops instead of sandals – to the office, at least. . When I hike, I still wear my Teva sandals, though.

    Frank Synopsis: Thanks for the group invited. Added. :-)

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