Disney Nautilus RC Submarine

Disney Nautilus RC Submarine

More math about the Nautilus than most would care to know. groups.yahoo.com 7ft web page home.comcast.net Up until the last two times I’ve conducted speed tests I thought the nose dive effect was possibly an artifact of the model not applicable or insignificant to the full size or large replica. However, now, I am convinced that a larger model or full scale could not escape this effect. I’ve concluded that it’s inherent in the shape of the hull. On the last test I was certain the sub would stay afloat. But contrary, down it went of its own accord. This indicates to me that the effect (nose dive) is related to speed. What I don’t know is, if, on a larger sub the effect is relative to speed (increase to a greater speed proportional to size), or if the speeds I achieve with the model are absolute for the effect to take place. In other words once this speed (or slightly faster) is reached the sub (at any size) will nose dive. In the speed test video any scenes showing the sub submerging (beginning and end) are at 24 volts set up (greater speed). Otherwise it’s rock steady and smooth at 12 volts (lesser speed). In the first frames showing the sub submerging, setup at 24 volts, I cut the power as soon as it went under, you can see (possibly) that it levels out and then I sent it straight out at about 2-3 ft under water. To see what the effect would be without releasing the forward controls I sent it out straight. This is seen in the last part of the video. It hit bottom in
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  • TheSapo01:


  • SnIkLeeT:

    Pretty tight :]

  • pyrra42Co:

    Can i show this video on my web site ?

  • eustonianboater:

    please post a photo of the open hull showing all part layouts and may I suggest you send a copy to RC Boater for an article on it.
    Quite impressive engineering

  • vinny4punt0:

    thats a gr8 idea XD

  • tyourk:

    Whenever you can make it to Savannah let me know and we can plan for Lake Mayer. Tom Triplett Park is good too.

  • dioricees:

    AWESOME! Great model!
    I went to SCAD, and this looks like Lake Mayer! There was never a Nautilus there when I did my cardboard boat race!(I won mine BTW). But this is amazing! Must go see this one in person some time!

  • Globe85:

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  • vinny4punt0:

    i got it all together speed controllers and stuff batterys 12 v and 6 v ballast tank water pump driving shafts
    all i nee to do next is put it all together

  • vinny4punt0:

    ok i have boght pars and stuff but wtf is a futaba conection system and j/r???

  • tyourk:

    Only the radio electrics are water proof in a sealed pvc pipe. There is no propeller, the sub is entirely jet propelled. Bilge pumps commonly available at your local marina are in effect miniature turbines. They provide thrust to provide all direction to the submarine.

  • vinny4punt0:

    how did u make the steel thing that connects ur propeller and your engine watertight??,
    cus i want to build my own 1 and i got it al scetched out( at school while in the history class) XD but the only problem is how to get that bit watertight?? help..?

  • vinny4punt0:

    :) ok i get it but just need to say agan its great :)

  • tyourk:


    The sub is a “dynamic” diver, no ballast tanks, it always floats but it has to be moving forward in order to dive. However it will always come to the surface unless it gets snagged on some bottom debris. It can be set up as a static diver but it is hard to judge how deep it is. When the tail goes under I release the down control and the sub automatically levels. If forward movement stops while underwater, the sub comes to the surface.

  • vinny4punt0:

    i agree with radiator0 this is a LEGENDARY bautifull sub does it have ballast tanks?

  • radiator0:

    top job ,give yourself a pat on the back for building this one…

  • mbcNOOFS:

    fast for a model

  • tyourk:

    Patrickol2, I sent you some info.

  • Patrickol2:

    now do you make the molds for this because this is awesome

  • tyourk:

    I enjoyed meeting you and “Big”, glad you liked the sub.

  • beachpeaches:

    It was nice to meet you today in the park. I enjoyed learning about the submarine. I like the video and music. See you around.

  • tyourk:

    The sub was scratch built and is made of fiberglass. This sub was built specifically for pond use and has had many encounters with submerged objects including the bottom. It was built especially thick and is much sturdier than commercial model submarine kits.

  • bestsellerseries:

    did u make it or buy it

  • poxbag1:

    looks like an evil fish when its just below the surface, its cool i like it

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