Do you believe that legos are childish?

Do you believe that legos are childish?

Question by Joseph B: Do you feel that legos are childish?
I am a sixteen year old boy, well, a guy, i guess, and i nonetheless like legos, the a lot more advanced ones obviously. In your opinion, is this proper? Is there ever really such a thing as “too old for legos”?

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Answer by MensaMan
No. All of our astronauts utilised Legos at 1 time.

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  • farmacistdmc:


  • xxxsillysallyxxx:

    NO NO NO NO!

    Legos are bomb! =)

  • Snapple:

    Everyone loves legos. People make a living out of designing things with legos. They even make machines out them. Pretty cool, eh? =3

  • SaylorMoon ♥:

    Ha-ha! As long as you’re not playing with the jumbo ones, I think you’re all right :P I love doing the ones with instructions (i.e. Harry Potter sets, Star Wars sets). It just sucks whenever you find yourself missing one last piece. If you enjoy doing it, then keep on. If anyone thinks it’s childish, then they’re just missing out :)

  • Cristhian M:

    Heck i even used legos in school
    one time i just brought a backpack full and dump them on the floor
    everybody oohed and awed even the teacher changed the whole plan and made us do reprts on legos

    to answer your question your never to old for legos
    and im 15

  • Lionheart:

    I went to the Lego store in the Mall of America several times. In that little store there were many large Lego figures of animals, and people, and racing cars, and everything. Young children didn’t put these together, people older than you did. I read a magazine article by a person who went to Europe to help Lego design new models. He was much older than you and he did not get paid for this. But he had great fun. Grandparents also have fun with playing Legos with their grandkids.

  • DH:

    Childish?? I’m 31 and love legos!! If it’s childish then I’m a child!

    Trust me, legos are far from being childish. Not only are they great for those of all ages, there’s a bit of nostalgia (sp?) when you play with them as you get older.

    Not to mention….some people make MILLIONS by using legos as art. Just check out these links:

  • ripton:

    nope not at all
    i actually respect people for admiting
    somethings like that

  • kingofalltoys:

    lego kick ass try

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