Do you believe this this joke funny?

Do you believe this this joke funny?

Question by cheese2425: Do you believe this this joke funny?
So, two brothers wake up early Christmas morning and head down to the Christmas tree.

The older brother finds every present that he asked for under the tree. He has almost everything he wanted. A new Playstation, new Xbox, new games, a remote controlled auto, and various other gifts.

While the older brother spends a few hours opening his new toys, he doesn’t notice that the younger brother only got a few toys for Christmas.

An hour later he finds his younger brother playing on the actions with a new matchbox vehicle.

“Hey, I don’t know what happened. Mom and Dad got me almost everything that I wanted for Christmas. I do not know why they didn’t get you anything. If you want to play with any of my toys you just let me know” he says.

The younger brother ponders his supply for a few minutes. Eventually he decides and a smile grows on his face, “Thats ok. I don’t really mind. I am happy with what I got. Soon after all, I don’t have cancer…….”

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Answer by JonasFever*%.
Ahahahahahahahahahahhaaahahahaha. that is HILARIOUS! omg im nonetheless laughing! ahahahahah! Have a star rofll!!!

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