Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons

A short film we produced on the quick for Kumail Nanjiani’s final show before moving to NY. It was written by Jared Logan.

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  • shagoosty:

    I wanna game with these guys, they really get into it.

  • shadowknighthikari:

    THUMBS UP FOR SEPHIROTH THEME! -to the vid not me-

  • Regginyaga:

    sounds complicated

    and gay


  • ToujoursLAmour:

    This is definitely the best comedic video about Dungeons and Dragons–and role-playing games in general–I have ever seen. You guys touch on every major aspect of such games, and you do so with excellent acting and taste. I also really dig all the game stuff thrown in: Call of Cthulu, Dungeons and Dragons, and I even think the game board and figurines are from HeroQuest. Or maybe it was Dungeon Quest? It’s one of those 90s board games. You guys are genius!

  • greeneyesj17362:

    I’ve referenced this video numerous times. Also, where’d you get that screen?

  • spiderman6877:

    I just don’t take the game seriously I literali joke whith the dungeonmaster
    If you don’t wanna to see geek playing DD make the same thing

  • SoullessConviction:

    I have that Zeppelin shirt lol

  • ZecoHumano28:

    Woo Led Zeppelin

  • ZecoHumano28:

    Woo Led Zepplin

  • BigLipperSkoalDipper:

    This looks like the best session ever!

  • LMMEjsmith:

    @phattiemelt lol, you just had to use the word “fabulous”? RPGs in general are awesome, some moreso than others. I’ve tried to get into various incarnations of D&D on paper and so far nothing’s really grabbed my attention. Mostly because the rule books i’ve seen aren’t very well written, but those were pre 3rd edition, i’m sure they get cleaned up in later editions… i hope.

  • Backfromthedeadguy:

    @droidfan2009 Switch to Pathfinder–you won’t regret it.

  • FriedChickenisha300:

    The sad part is tht this is exactly how i get when i play any kind of game XD :(

  • Dracopol:

    @Dracopol …and he’s got a +3 Sword of Knock Some Sense Into a Temporarily Crazed Party-Member. This sketch is great on soooo many levels.

  • Dracopol:

    3:03 “I’m on the right track, baby, I was Born This Way!”

  • Dracopol:

    And this is just Level 1, noobs. Imagine what Level 2 will be like!

  • Bensmith581:

    @Dracopol you make a good point were not all crazy just unless your DM says you are

  • phattiemelt:

    @hatihatikawan … I def had already lost it before I started playing, but I do understand your concern.

  • LouisOn3:

    @hatihatikawan True Story, as a Dungeon Master myself no one packing the Vcard plays in the campaigns.

  • hatihatikawan:

    @phattiemelt just make sure you loose your virginity before you play for the first time… or you doomed to be virgin forEVAR

  • TrNdke:

    That got a little dark for a minute there :O

  • letsmakeabigtodo:

    @VashWolfwood1 OMG! that’s exactly what I thought too! I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t have just watched that yesterday lol

  • VashWolfwood1:

    It looks like the basement in “The Blair witch Project”

  • Diablo9964:

    DM looking for players

  • droidfan2009:

    Ah, 3.5 I remember the days of 3.5, now I use 4.0 but sadly it’s not as great as 3.5 though.

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