Fair Enough – A look at Tabletop Role-playing Games

Fair Enough – A look at Tabletop Role-playing Games

Charles Beachley IV discusses Roleplaying Games

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  • almozayaf:

    there 0 D and D players in bahrain

  • Joshb81959:

    @J0uzze I was actually told by my Christian mother that D&D was evil. Wasn’t until recently that I found out tabletop rpgs were basically exercises of your imagination.

    As an artist, this type of game seems so amazingly helpful for ideas and inspiration.. I don’t know how anyone could even say such a thing.

  • seblue9999:

    @seblue9999 And the Eminem ref.

  • seblue9999:

    Love the Bad Touch reference.

  • TheJiggsCasey:


    That’s just about someone with an unstable mind. It could happen with almost any trigger in almost any setting. Including ‘normal’ situations and hobbies.

  • Redig76:

    @BigUgly73 That is more a function of mental illness which was already present well before D&D entered their lives. I’m a psychology student, and a tabletop gamer. I’ve checked out the subject most thoroughly. The negative effects of gaming is nothing more than paranoid fearmongering designed to get attention. In fact, they have been shown to have positive effects on players overall.

  • BigUgly73:

    @J0uzze yeah, I did too, until I recently heard a story about a D&D group breaking up because of dating and one of the players, after having his character killed, tried to commit suicide on one of the other players front lawns(by drinking drain-o) to prove his love. Though that I blame more on geeks and romance than the people playing the game.

  • J0uzze:

    I think the “role playing games lead to cultism and satan worshipping and suicide” thing is total bullshit.. To me playing RPG’s has always ment having fun and spending time with your friends.

  • muhwissa:


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