fisher cost ocean wonders soothe and glow seahorse

fisher cost ocean wonders soothe and glow seahorse

number one toy to have! Lia’s story Those seahorses truly are a GODSEND. I seriously considered writing the organization and letting them know how Extremely critical it was to her, emotionally. Anytime she was upset or in pain from all the stomach x rays and barium tubes shoved in her throat, and the TONS of heel sticks to draw blood, and when she’d try to eat and then just throw up and be super hungry and crying, the nurses could turn it on, and it would soothe her nearly proper away. It made me really feel SO great to know that the times when I was down the hall sleeping or eating and couldn’t be there in the NICU, that the seahorse could give her comfort and make her feel secure and at home. It sounds like it was equally miraculous for you guys ~lol~I honestly feel each and every pregnant woman ought to have 1. I’m just glad to hear you’re doing a item evaluation video. So many ladies already went out and got them following you did your video when you had been pregnant and showed it, there were really a couple of comments I saw where girls said how it was truly cool and they were going to get 1. ~shrugs~ I guess that’s one good thing that came out of Aurora being in the NICU-she loved her seahorse so a lot, I began telling everyone about it, now who knows how many men and women bought it soon after you did your 1 video…hopefully you get a lot of views on the product evaluation video and a lot of much more females will get them! I know that Aurora’s was priceless, and I’m glad I’ve got two! Anyway, it is okay if you want to
Video Rating: four / five

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  • nettyc35:

    I have one of these too and my baby loves it. It’s the best thing ever. I even got one from a friend that saw one of her friends had one. So now I have two!

  • liakatiea:


    It really makes me feel like a lot of good has come out of A being in the NICU!

  • typeanoise:

    Thanks for the review! I am going to get this for my 1 year old niece’s birthday.

  • ericadowdy:

    I got mine yesterday! I am so excited!

  • Audreysmommie:

    My sister got my daughter her seahorse as a baby shower gift! My daughter LOVES it! She sleeps with it still. As long as she has her seahorse and her blankie she is happy! :)

  • ravenstears:

    I totally agree! My daughter still loves her seahorse and she’s 18 months. It become a godsend for nighttime car trips later on too. Hit that things belly and I swear it hypnotized my daughter when she was having a fit in the back seat on long nighttime car trips!

  • liakatiea:

    how far along will you be when you have your shower?? The seahorse is very inexpensive, and I recommend starting to play it as soon after 20weeks as you can. Trust me, it is WELL WORTH IT! The more familiar your baby is with hearing it, the more it will soothe him/her when it is played to them (during pregnancy, labor and delivery and afterwards!). It also works great for supporting your belly a little bit when you are on your side! Aurora still loves hers, and I got 2 in case something happens!

  • liakatiea:

    Yay! Seahorses for EVERYONE MWA HAHAHAHAHA ~evil laugh~ I’m so glad you took your seahorse to the hospital with you and that it has been just as miraculous for you and your baby as it has for me and Aurora! I swear, every woman should get one from her OB or Midwife at week 20, and every Labor and Delivery should have back ups for everyone ~lol~ I’m definately pro-seahorse hehe

  • liakatiea:

    I’m Lia, from the ‘info’ column over there —–>
    Your baby can hear around 20 weeks of pregnancy, or 5 months. That’s when I started playing it for Aurora all the time-the shape makes it work great for a little extra belly support when you are on your side too!

  • jcning:

    I wish I would have gotten something like that! By the time I wanted to get it, she was already a bit older and I was afraid she wouldn’t recognize the sound. I sang to my daughter when she was still in my belly, and it’s the only thing that would comfort her now. Sucks sometimes because I’m the ONLY one who can comfort her, but it’s a rewarding feeling =).

  • cdrb86:

    We have the winnie the pooh glow worm and my son LOVES it…has had it since his first christmas…was 3 months old and love love loves it at 2 years old

  • AudriMarie07:

    i will register for it.. but if i dont get it at my baby shower i am def buying one! i think i am going to buy stock in fisher price because i know all the people who watch your videos are going to buy oe.. thats a lot of glo worms hahaha

  • lovecanbemagic:

    oh the seahorse is so cute! we have a glo-worm that allison loves!

  • beautyisnteverything:

    around 20 weeks :)

  • beautyisnteverything:

    honestly they could care less lol the sniffed his head and then walked away :) now they just come over look at him and try to get him to pet them lol its cute really :) he doesnt seem to have any allergic reactions to them at all. Of course cat allergies dont run in the family so that may be why :)

  • breezee0622:

    I LOVE Noahs seahorse!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ericadowdy:

    Surely going to get one. How far along where you when you started playing it for him?

  • fjosey:

    I saw your cats running around in the video… how are they reacting to your new baby? Did your son have any allergies to your cats? That is something I am worried about with my upcoming due date.

  • beautyisnteverything:

    yeah my walmart didnt carry it either. I had to get mine from toys r us :)

  • beautyisnteverything:

    its like 10-15 depending on the store :)

  • RianaMama:

    *I* love the seahorse, but my son could care less, ha ha. I’m trying to get him into it though.

  • goddessbluebaby:

    im gonna be going to toys r us to check i called my walmart well one of them and the guy coukdnt find it so im gonna be checking

  • goddessbluebaby:

    is this sea horse exspensive………

  • goddessbluebaby:

    im gonna go to wally world tomorrow to see f they have any at my walmart….fisher price tends to chnge there products so i want to get one before they no longer carry it ty for sharring..

  • beautyisnteverything:

    mmm I dont know. If he still carries around stuffed toys and likes music maybe….I cant say for sure :) but thank you lol I only had four hours of sleep and spit up on my shirt ha ha

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