Game Geeks #60 Star Wars the Role Playing Game

Game Geeks #60 Star Wars the Role Playing Game

Game Master Kurt Wiegel reviews and educates viewers on role playing games. On episode #60 Kurt reviews Star Wars the Role Playing Game by Wizards of the Coast. © Wizards of the Coast © Lucas Films Host Kurt Wiegel Production: Rob Mattison Game Geeks © PugKnows Productions

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  • rasmuslm:

    @apex588 Well it’s my oppinion of cause (and I’m DM’ing in 3.5 for the record). To many feats makes weird combos that cancels out challenges in the game, also making some attacks flawless and without risk of missing. Also nobody remembers the feat text so everybody is constantly looking them up in the books. But the problem only occures when you allow feats from all books and all official wizards material, limit players to Player’s Handbook and let them “apply” for the feats in other material

  • apex588:

    @rasmuslm why is that a problem?

  • rasmuslm:

    the problem with feats is there’s just to many!!!

  • Keiththegamergeek:

    I play Saga Edition and am very happy with it. Jedi can have Force powers (free of a lot of prerequisites) and skills. I like the d20 Modern-esque “meta class” concept. You can create many different kinds of characters from those. And who in their right mind would play a Fringer in the previous version? If I have any real complaint it would be that the construction system for starships and vehicles is rather nebulous. Still, it’s a shame Wizards no longer makes it.

  • anaximander66:

    I don’t play rpgs any longer and I can sit and watch this guy talk about them all day. I’m glad I don’t live near you because my life would leave me from spending too much time getting this guy’s opinion. Your natural 20 when comes to gabbing about rpgs my friend.

  • apex588:

    @darthbane53 just the core book

  • BWS2K:

    Great review! I’m not into RPG, this would be my first, but I ordered this on Amazon ($65 used!) with some gift cards and I think it’s going to be a -lot- of fun. I have previewed the book a bit, and this review pretty much hits the nail on the head. I have some of the miniatures, which is encouraged in this book but not necessary (although the miniatures maps I think will be nice to have). Thanks so much Kurt!

  • assym2006:


    have to agree with you they :O) I read the D6 force power system and went O.O ????

    I am currently working of using savage worlds for starwars looks to be good.

  • pspboy7:

    @assym2006 They were yes, all except the Force powers… D6 Force Powers, CLUNK!

  • assym2006:

    the D6 westend games was much better.

  • ArchArturo:

    3:44 IT’S A TRAP!

  • ArchArturo:

    @Earchiel, O.o

  • Arppis:

    The feats were easier to pick in this one. Usualy had a lot of trouble in picking them at earlier D20 editions.

  • Earchiel:

    sith lord ewok== pure awesome 

  • Earchiel:

    @darthbane53 yes i ran a short campaign just using the core book. The down side is that you don’t have that much to play with when it come to pre-gen encounters. I just make them by hand or on the fly.

  • darthbane53:

    Is this all I need? To play and GM?

  • nukagernades:

    i bet the nights of the old republic era will be cool

  • Audioepics:

    I played D6 once, a long time ago, and I didn’t like its rules, which felt a bit abstract and just not so “Star Warsy”. Saga really makes you feel like you’re in the Star Wars universe. I do agree that the rules can be too authoritative in that they explain exactly what to do in every conceivable situation, but on the other hand, it’s so easy to just ignore what you don’t need and focus on the tons of great stuff you do like. I think Saga is the best SWRPG so far.

  • maxride10000:

    Wait, so it IS a trap?

  • hanshideout:

    D6 is where it’s at. D20 Star Wars SUCKS!

  • pspboy7:

    @soiledshortz That could be good for D&D though, since they can concentrate on making the 4th Edtion work this time hehe… not that I care though particularly.

  • crazylegoproductions:

    5:50 ebon hawk LOL

  • Vladtaltos010:

    If you’re not fighting a Sith Lord, you’re playing FarScape. Best quote.

  • hanshideout:

    THIS GAME IS TOO DAMN SLOW! (among other problems) D6 STAR WARS IS WHERE ITS AT!

  • hanshideout:

    @maxrockes In my opinion, you should go to ebay or amazon and concentrate your fund on the old style west end games D6 Star Wars game. It was widely popular, simplistic and put the power of the game into the hands of the GM and Players, NOT the rules. Then again, thats just an opinion.

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