great rc automobile for drifting?

great rc automobile for drifting?

Question by ILoveLinds: very good rc car for drifting?
jus questioning wat would b the very best rc vehicle “kit” electric for driftin wit price of no far more than $ 500 jus 4 the chassis? can anybody please give me name an models of rc auto kit of that cost range

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Answer by chevytrk1232000
check out:
they all have really cool vehicles. you can get some kits that only price 100.00 – 200.00. that implies with all the rest of your funds you can buff up the engines & batteries. or get a actually great controler. if you can afford it go lipo batteries & brushless motors. they have less upkeep & they are faster & run longer than normal engines & batteries. make confident you read the directions to all that you use.
for controlers:
are extremely good controlers. i myself have the jr racing xs3 with 6 model memory.
great luck have enjoyable!! cause these hobbiy is the coolest of all!!!!

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