Ha Ha Tonka – “St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor”

Ha Ha Tonka – “St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor”

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25 Responses to “Ha Ha Tonka – “St. Nick on the Fourth in a Fervor””

  • burningburney99:

    saw these guys at Austin City Limits music festival. it was frekin awesome

  • IloveRUPERT2010:

    I absolutely adore this song! It’s so…groovy, for lack of a better word.

  • usbreeze417:

    Go Zizzers…nice job guys.

  • setandtrue:

    wicked good

  • AugustCaulfield:

    I’m digging your sound, it’s very good! Similar to The Civil Wars with your own upbeat and rhythm!

    Please check out my music as well, purely acoustic so far! I am a musician just beginning to get exposure online, so please support!

  • mastemarose:

    @tkotan I found out about them on an episode of No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.. They’re from the Ozarks.

  • kdjmmj:

    hey lennon my thats my cuz i love you u doing your thing!!! but uh ima be catchin up with you soon imma b in the studio rockin out

  • tkotan:

    where are these guys from?

  • mrjoe1990:

    If you like these guys you should definitely check out The Sizzling Gypsies!

  • bugandcrab:

    HAHA real cool! I made a music clip you may like.

  • sheilaloo:

    i went to Ha Ha Tonka state park today! it was awesome. and so are these guys.

  • benkurz1:

    this song is a glimpse of brilliance

  • muddsnyder:

    Lennon Bone is rockin’ the beard!

  • yaz094:

    Saw them just two days ago. Pretty chill and awesome.

  • nightmare6664:

    He does! xD

  • Xtremecracker:

    One of the dudes looks like Lincoln :)

  • dudemandingo11:

    The 4th of July is during the summer So are canoe trips On some level this song deals with the dangers associated with wishful thinking On another level it alludes to the dangers of nationalistic tendencies and overly fervent true believerism And on a completely different level it’s about a carefree idyllic adolescent float trip on the North Fork River I think the line “this glimpse of brilliance is much better than a long look at mediocrity” sums up absolutely nothing quitenicely

    Ha Ha Tonka

  • dudemandingo11:

    kk highway is in southern missouri. they reference a lot from the Ozarks where their from. This is a band that when you read their lyrics you have to do a bit of research sometimes. And also sometimes you might not know what the hell their talking about until Brian explains it in an interview, or you ask him in person.

  • gazzylime:

    What the fuck is this song even about?!?! Can some one please explain it to me? Petting zoo? Church? KK highway? … What?

  • LizOje:

    i heard them for the first time in pamona and they are freaken awsome

  • ZeDaxter:

    Saw them with ludo my sis got an album signed

  • EmileMink:

    I happened to see this band while attending a Ludo show and they were awesome. Eclipsing energy, the harmonies were fantastic, and the combo of bluegrass/gospel/rock was exactly my style of music.

    …and they’re not too bad on the eyes if I do say so myself.

  • Kdemi:

    are they good? cool im seeing them tomorrow cuz im going to see Ludo :D

  • AutumnDevi:

    I went to the saturday show where they opened for Ludo…unfortunately, me and my friends got there late and missed all but the last two songs of the set….still, it was enough, because we ended up buying their CD’s! it was my first time hearing them, and I’m SO glad I didn’t come any later, because then I would have seriously missed out!

  • ladidagirl666:

    saw these fools in nyc and they blew my fucking mind!
    i’m not usually into this kind of music but what the shit, they’re AWESOME. <3

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