HE-MAN And The Masters Of The Universe BGM HE-MAN THEME.wmv

HE-MAN And The Masters Of The Universe BGM HE-MAN THEME.wmv

HE-MAN And The Masters Of The Universe 1983 – BGM HE-MAN THEME Composed By Shuki Levy

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  • venuecam:

    @logik316 ok

  • logik316:


    I’ve also read Pumping Iron, and I’d have to say there’s no resemblance, other than perhaps their tiny amount of body fat. If a real life dude had He-Man’s proportions he could’ve kicked sand in Arnie’s face.

  • venuecam:

    @logik316 once again, my comment was about Pumping Iron, not Conan.

  • logik316:


    Arnold may have been big in the world of bodybuilding back in the 70′s, but he didn’t become a household name (or become associated with the sword-and-sorcery fantasy genre) until he played Conan in film. This all happened after the He-Man toy was already in development at Mattel, hence it is highly unlikely that he had any sort of influence on He-Man.

  • logik316:


    Perhaps you should stop relying on Wikipedia. The toy concept for He-Man was around in 1980. I recommend the book “Mastering The Universe”, written by Roger Sweet (the Mattel designer who sculpted the prototype for the action figure and came up with the name “He-Man”). At that time, neither the names Schwarzenegger nor Conan were known to the mainstream public.

  • venuecam:

    @logik316 P.S. Arnold had already won 5 previous Mr. Universe titles from 1970-75. *0 was his comeback after having a lay off in a few low budget movies e.g Hercules, so my comment has legitimate weight (pardon the pun).

  • venuecam:

    @logik316 Pumping iron was 1979-80. It was a doumentary about the lead up to the 1980 Mr. Universe competition. Conan was 1982. He-man was 1983.

    My comment was about Pumping Iron, not Conan.

  • logik316:


    Some people believe that He-Man was based on Conan the Barbarian, who was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger onscreen. But the Masters Of The Universe toy concept was developed by Mattel at least a couple years before the movie came out, so I doubt there’s any connection.

  • MrChickflip999:

    I approve

  • iames85:

    @venuecam I think he bears a striking resemblence to Tom Platz. :O

  • prettyflower9683:

    this is retarded this intro

  • salum75:

    @Meldar im wit u man

  • Meldar:

    This music starts playing in my head when I need to get pumped or if I’m about to do something really difficult.


    JUDGMENT DAY May 21 this year ,,please..16 more days

  • venuecam:

    Umm… doesn’t He-Man bear a striking resemblence to Arnold Schwarzenegger from Pumping Iron?

  • dynomitis:

    @jangkro That he is! (=

  • jangkro:

    shuki levy is a genius….

  • RetroAnimeFanClub:

    P*E*R*F*E*C*T J*O*B
    * * * * * 10 * * * * *

  • lilcoffeebandit:

    so catchy

  • cybertronization:

    @mic2002uk2000 Yep! I agree!

  • filthyfew77:

    1:36 kicks ass

  • mic2002uk2000:

    just a fantastic theme tune. One of the best

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