He Man Intro 2002

He Man Intro 2002

What the intro to He-Man and the Masters of Universe remake in 2002 could have looked like! I was asked where this came from… I took it from the Season 1 DVD set. It is a hidden behind-the-scenes / meet-the-characters factor.
Video Rating: four / five

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  • saintreed:

    They changed all the ole school cartoons at the root of their greatness “that’s why they don’t hold up to the ole school originals…

    and it lies within the music tracks back in the day and their straight forward storyline.

  • 886JAMES:

    @homer00316 thank you freind for your reply :)

  • homer00316:

    @886JAMES I totally agree 100%

  • noxBrutalis:

    @HeyMrKindred if heman and goku fought, chuck norris would win

  • ClutchCut:

    What if Skeletor and Mumra teamed up :O

  • Mindstormsgek:


  • deljefe:

    “The most powerful man in the UNIVERSE.” that line still gets me today and I remember back when this started back in 1983, of course I was like 5 then, still good times.

  • Jago666:

    that was awesome, and i grew up on the original series!!

  • YTKeitaro:

    THe former intro is where my childhood memories are.

  • 886JAMES:

    80 S INTRO ,soundtrack,prince adams look,the style of transformation is million times better than this

  • ayaazcyclops:

    the 80s intro is a billion times better

  • deedia:

    I grown up with the 70s/80s He-Man

  • MrNismoSR20:

    That intro was much too long for He-Man.

  • Molo19:

    ass if heman wusnt gay enuf.

    moer liek she-mael amireiteoramitrite?

  • Devikvampire:

    Oh yeah. This was the version what I watched.

  • Dragon1813:

    @RileyIL77 They could alwase customize her costume like they did for Teela.

  • XcoolzX17:

    goku and he-man Fight for the universe

  • powerpointable:

    O yah Triclopses real name is tridoreous scuneous scope

  • powerpointable:

    Waaaaaaaay less gay voice is better and cringer doesnt look like bloodless roadkill

  • SexedUpAtheist:

    They should have just come up with their own intro… this a shadow of the original intro’s former self.

  • TheCasbertShow:

    Loved the original 80′s HeMan when i was about 7 – 8 years old… had the action figure toys, castle greyskull set up and all the bits n bobs.. Tho i always wondered how Skeletor was able to pull facial expressions seeing as his face is supposed to be bone… and bone isnt supposed to be plyable like soft rubber.. but hey it was all good. I like this He Man too but it didnt grow on me as much.. guess im to nostalgic for my own good.. Thanks for the post RileyIL77

  • LUIShtRUIZht:

    it looks almost like the original, which is good comparing with other He-mans, in between the 90s, however I find the lines, very monotonous, like he’s a terminator instead of he-man, sounds like he is not powerful and is not willing to fight the evil.

  • papplemanger2:

    it gets a bit too disney XD/ jetix/nickelodeon near the end…

  • TheZombieKing:

    What do you know, this He-Man looks slightly less gay than the original.
    At least they got rid of the pink vest.

  • aslacuentayya:

    they made the characters to look younger, why they always do that?

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