How do you play the board game “Bok”?

How do you play the board game “Bok”?

Question by soccerzoe: How do you play the board game “Bok”?
I found a box at a thrift store named “Bok” and it claims to be “The ultimate strategy game for two players”. It has a board, and dice, and chips, but no instructions and googling it brings up nothing. Does anyone have the instructions or know how to play?


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Answer by travis
I remember this game, we used to play it as a kids… once

Okay first you roll the dice to see who goes first, the fist to role a prime number goes second and also gets 35 points, then the first player moves 16 times the last number they rolled and then lays four chips on their opponents head, while balancing the chips they must hop backwards over the board, if they fail to do this he/she proclaims “mulligan” and player one then gives him/her a melvin, if player two is “going commando” player one must then divide by zero at which point the entire board game disapears into the void, and reappears in some yard sale in northern Michigan. What happens if player two is wearing underpants? well, long story short, I’m missing the middle toe on my left foot, and my opponent still to this day can’t say “pumpernickel” without stuttering.

Give it a try, it’s actually quite fun.

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