How to Play Dungeons & Dragons and Role Playing Games : Origin of Dungeons and Dragons RPG

How to Play Dungeons & Dragons and Role Playing Games : Origin of Dungeons and Dragons RPG

How dungeons and dragons 1st began. Learn about the history of role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons in this totally free video clip. Professional: Barry Osser Bio: Barry Osser is the owner of North Coast Role Playing in Eureka, California. Filmmaker: kris taylor
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  • DoctorSuperDoom:

    Dungeons and dragons is great, its what got me into roleplaying in the first place!

    You know there is a forum you can roleplay on that also has a wiki for any characters you create, its really extensive and makes rping really easy. if you like roleplaying you should check it out, its where I RP
    roleplaylegends . com

  • Tootsie76389:

    138,564 videos is a lot!

  • HaloReachFanatic1:

    well over 100 and thank god for gary gyax

  • demonjack123:

    @edvill82 Np =) hope I helped.

  • edvill82:

    @demonjack123 thanks for the great help.

  • demonjack123:

    @edvill82 Well you probably already found out by now, but in the mmo version of this game you get experience by finishing a dungeon, and you have your levels and your ranks. In order to gain another level you have to gain 5 ranks. SO to get from level 1 to level 2 you have to be level 1 Rank 5 which would automatically level you to 2.

  • edvill82:

    most i still can’t get is (i’m new, cut me a how do a player earn XP and how to get from this level to THAT level???? thanks for the help.

  • dasgregorian:

    3/3.5 all the way. No THAC0… less “complicated” rules… but still more options than this new-fangled 4.0 rubbish.

    … honestly… does ANYONE like 4.0 who’s played prior versions?

  • TheHalomrmachinima:

    I’m only 14 so I can’t play I guess or I’ve got no one to play with

  • Endlesslovekiss:

    I havent played it in a while but when i did it was a fun game you get to use ur imagination and fantasy in it. Dungeons & Dragons is a cool game to me.

  • barrenpaladin:

    1e and 2e still are the best!

  • ba11s0fsteel:

    yeah totally i find it the most fun to read and play, i guess the newer stuff can be sort of neat as well. completely different its just less imagination basically. There are alot of pros and cons about each. i prefer the ones you mentioned as i started with them.

  • newmark2020:

    There were hardcover AD&D 1ed. books as well as the hardcover 2nd ed. and subsequent editions. My favorite was 1st and 2nd edition and I use a combo of 1st and 2nd ed. rules

  • Eientatsu:


  • SpoGGSpo:

    Yearh.. i died painting my Uruk-hai army.. soo boring… But it’s fun playing it !

  • TheDrkKnght1988:

    Creativity is wonderful! I love Medieval fantasy!

  • ba11s0fsteel:

    just to clarify on
    teeeeeveeeee314′s comment i believe the hardcovers which came out were actually 2nd edition AD&D and not 1st edition? correct me if im wrong.
    considering they have come out with 3, 3.5 and 4 just recently, i like AD&D the best.

  • bzzmusic:


  • cameraman104:


  • monsterhunterblaze10:

    i tried warhammer but it was 2 hard painting all the figures

  • teeeeeveeeee314:

    Hi Barry! Sorry, but I have second printings of the 1st Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons hardback books: the Player’s Handbook and the Monster Manual. They came out, respectively, September, 1978 and May, 1978; not 1979. I remember getting the PH fresh when I was a freshman at West Virginia University at my local gaming store September, 1978. I can’t believe AD&D has been over 30 years now, let alone the softbounds about 32-33 years now. Boy I feel old at 48!

  • Oniusagi02:

    this is a good guide for beginners like myself… though i wish these were numbered so i knew what order to watch them in.

  • mistabluntz:

    warhammer owns D&D

  • mrwrestlingII:

    Great stuff, thanks for taking the time

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