Masters of the Universe Classics: Hordak Evaluation

Masters of the Universe Classics: Hordak Evaluation

Scan of the card’s back? Why confident! You can obtain him and other Classics figures by way of BBTS:
Video Rating: four / five

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  • TheSecondEvolution:

    @TheSecondEvolution P.S. I moded the cape, giving Hordak a real cloth cape. :)

  • TheSecondEvolution:

    Just today…er yesterday, I got this only it was the re-release and he’s known as “Ruthless Leader of the Evil Horde.”

    Anyway good review. And it would have been funnier if you named him Bruce. LOL

  • TheCastellan:

    It’s possible he might be in some of the future Toys R’ Us Masters vs. Marvel packs….probably not, but there’s always room for possibilities. :)

  • Jazzy9964:

    The Evil Leader of the Evil Horde?!? 2 Negative make a Positive.. So Hordak was a Hero. lol

  • Mega01ism:

    Love the editing of your videos plus the little quirks that make your reviews more enjoyable, such as the armour swap.

    I’m thinking back to the cartoon, but didn’tHordak have an ability to change his arms into weapons? Like a cannon?

  • Dubz3000:

    8:34 = funny

  • TheCastellan:

    ‘Grayskull smells like doo-doo!’

    Love it! XD

  • TheCastellan:

    Shadow Weaver was the evil Sorceress.
    And yes, Frosta was the hottie….which sounds a lil ironic, if you think about. XD

  • goatz123:

    well when you love something as much as i do…money is no issue…even when you dont have the money like me. but everyone is different i suppose. im just glad to say i have him. and i will ofcourse get the re issue also…
    on a diff note,
    im disappointed with the ZODAK repaint…he should have DEFINITELY came with a maskless head also…

  • JTMitchell87:

    I wasn’t a fan of the packaging of the original Grayskull. Sure the voice effect was nifty, but I like the figures being around my actual Grayskull playset more than the box.

    As for having to own the original if you’re a true fan… I don’t agree with that at all. Many “true fans” find spending $100+ on a figure that originally was sold for $30 pointless. Throw in the fact that the reissue will have a removable head/cape and… Yes. I’m very glad I didn’t get the first release.

  • goatz123:

    ofcourse he is…but he will not be in that packaged set up he was in originally…PLUS,hes the 1st classic fig ever so you HAVE to have the orig-inal…if youre a true fan. i totally agree with the cape issue. scareglows would have been cool as fabric but i dont think they could capture that collar detail with it. i still say a great reference for the female outfits would be the star trek green orion slave girl by art asylum. fixed yet bendable rubber

  • JTMitchell87:

    So, you’re going to be ticked that Grayskull is being reissued with modifications to the sculpt… Right?

  • goatz123:

    MAN…grayskull was a pain for me to get…tho i do have him. i bought one off ebay…SO I THOUGHT…and i was robbed 100 bucks and had to buy another from someone else…i still email that fuk every so ofter with not so nice words and i have been doing that for 2 yrs so far…

  • JTMitchell87:

    Sadly no. The only way to get them is through MattyCollectorDotCom, eBay (After they’re released) and other third party sellers.

  • fmoe2750:

    will any these ever be in stores? i love this He-man toy line

  • nicolsbolas:

    the bat emblem is not on his boots but on his greeves

  • gessnesse:


  • Tobe316:

    They are brother and sister if I recall…

  • JTMitchell87:

    A handy trick I do is film the opening (MOTUC figures in package) as soon as I get them. Then film the rest when I want to.

    I’ve had Hordak since August and had the first portion done since then. It was only yesterday that I finished the video.

  • fowlowl26:

    Is this an old review that you just decided to upload because I sware I saw Hordak out of his package in your other He-man reviews

  • gessnesse:

    is sheera and he-man related? because they [from my understanding,] both live within the visenity of castle grayskull

  • Ojunix:

    He was Called Imp in the Cartoon.

  • Ojunix:

    I Agree if I was gonna get one Figure from this Line he be the One I Get.

  • Ojunix:

    Oh Hell Yeah Frosta she was a Hottie. XD
    What about Glimmer’s Mother or the Good Scorceress their Names escape me at the moment I need to Watch the Cartoon again.
    Of Course from the Horde we got The Evil Scorceress & Catra & Scorpio & What names are for the Woman with the Living Hair & The Plant Woman who had the Tentacles like Doc.Oc?

  • Ojunix:

    Good Selection Evil-lyn & her Father who btw was just called the Faceless One would be very Interesting to see since he never got produce as a Toy of course he didn’t exsist till the 2000 Series which help alot in terms of Back Story.
    Mech-a-Neck would also be Awesome to see I wonder how Long they could make his Neck to be?
    Orko yes but I’m worried they’ll make him out of Scale.
    King Randor is being made although in his Laughable design from the 80′s so where’s the Queen?

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