Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull SDCC 2008 Exclusive Action Figure Toy Review

Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull SDCC 2008 Exclusive Action Figure Toy Review

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Video Rating: four / five

25 Responses to “Masters of the Universe Classics King Grayskull SDCC 2008 Exclusive Action Figure Toy Review”

  • goko178:

    @SEANxLONG maybe he-man needs to do that lol

  • mattwilhelm60:

    i counted 7 trademark symbols in the readup….. wtf

  • WickedChips:

    This is the Classic Master of The Universe 2009 lineup that had the orginal figures in mind creating them, they look great.

    I could play with he-man all day long when i was a kid, så this has a huge nostalgic effect on me. My mom sadly enough throwed away all the action figures!, aaaah. However i was just in time to buy he-man at mantell before it went out of stock, he looks Amazing!. And i dont care what girls says, he is going to stand at the best spot on the living room shelf! ).

  • Manefaces69:

    das is voll der mist ich hassen den 2002 scheiß… this is 2002.. i hate it^^ lets 80′s.. this is real!

  • 3AtomicJabez8:

    @inuyasha0ppgz 2002

  • inuyasha0ppgz:

    is this the 80′s or 2002?

  • JoeyTink:

    does heman come with the originle castle gray skull?

  • gamermik76:

    why would king greyskull say by the power of grey skull when he still has his powers from his sword

  • maxustech12:

    well i hope when mattycollector will definetly make improfment with weapons and articulation

  • popjohn123ful:

    do i

  • franku26:

    u can further extend the side flaps and make the wal even longer!!

  • franku26:

    u can further extend the side flaps and have a really long wall!

  • Airox2009:

    Yeah, just watched an auction on ebay of 9 vintage 80`s motu figures. They went for over US$ 2500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JackReaper27:

    i hate you sean i want that figure :( (

  • JackReaper27:

    thats what i said

  • littleaznfriend:

    no i don`t have the power

  • Rolltron:

    you are gay like heman

  • ar15death:

    awesome review!!!

  • steve2275:

    well done sean

  • jedijesse96:

    cool review!

  • goatz123:

    10 would be a dream price these days…there is alot of thick plastic to them. there are NO neca figures below 13.99 plus tax so we’re at 15 bucks.

    one more thing…i said the line is doing really well do to sell outs but how many of those sales are online dealers buying CASES of these figs?? if there were no dealers…would they still sell out so fast?? probably not but they eventually would tho.


    @goatz123 Yea atleast 15. 20 is too much but really the most reasonable price is 10.

  • goatz123:

    well given the obvious success of the line and how extremely hot motu merch is now…they should at least make these 15 bucks ea. 20 dollars is a bit to much for us to wish and get lucky we get a nicely painted fig…especially in these tuff days


    @goatz123 Yea paint is the biggest problem (especially with earlier versions it seems) with the line. Smudges, errors, and just paint problems. It’s just a situation where you wish you get lucky and your figs good.

  • goatz123:

    well it bothers me i cant check for errors…paint aps ,smudges etc…both of my zodacs came with only one hand painted with nails. and my 1st release heman and beastman BOTH came without applying the hang tags. maybe theyll end up as rare variants…who knows

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