Masters of the Universe Classics Leech Review by Pixel Dan

Masters of the Universe Classics Leech Review by Pixel Dan http Pixel Dan gives you an early appear at the upcoming Leech action figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe toy line!
Video Rating: four / five

17 Responses to “Masters of the Universe Classics Leech Review by Pixel Dan”

  • hemanshera777:

    a “what” on his left arm? I didn’t get that name

  • GoliathAngelus:

    How large are the 2000 serie figures anyway.
    Can i use it together,share they the same hight?

  • Yenaroo:

    If they were going to go stocky, as they did with the body and head, maybe they should have looked into casting larger limbs?


    I like the old leech with suction face, it was a fun toy when I was little

  • immortalcelsius:

    I always wanted Leech as a young child.

  • undeadnotunpeople:

    i cant live without you pixel dan!

  • antimatterutube:

    @MrBnyce78 Nope. She’d be called Beech.

  • MrBnyce78:

    @Jsun23 Yea like they should make a female version of Leech. Lol….Maybe put some kind of sucker on her mouth or something. Like instead of using her hands to drain the life of her enemy she would use her mouth. I know they won’t ever make one but it would be really cool just to see what she would look like. Call her Leecha!! Lol…

  • MrBnyce78:

    Its about time!!!! I’ve been waiting a long time for Leech. I wasn’t able to get the staction version shown in the video but I will not be missing this one. The Four Horsemen did a really great job and he really looks like the action figure version of the staction. I love his crossbow. I got my twenty dollars ready and I will be on Matty Collector’s website tommorow. I’ll be at work so I’ll have to go on break to do it. Bring on more of the Horde. I’d like to see the other snakemen too.

  • goatz123:

    ; )

  • dabiz34:

    there’s absolutely !!!!!! nothing wrong with his proportions!!!!!!! come on !!!!!! i agree with goatz 123


    Awsome Review on Leech Keep up the Awsome Work ^_^

  • lostlegend667:

    I like the proportions, makes him look more like a creature or monster. Suction cups looks kinda silly, especially since there are not really suction cups. If only it had details on it….like leech mouth (ew) or something

  • 12wtfdude34:

    about time ther was another Horde member. but more importantly more snakemen and SNAKE ARMOUR HE-MANNN

  • cletamane:

    I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen with mantena. I’m really hoping that the four horsemen make him like the 200X version, instead of making it like the vintage one. The vintage figure had a mouth that looked like an anus and weird legs.

  • goatz123:

    i still think it works real well
    the vintage HAD skimpier lookin legs n arms…

  • Jsun23:

    Evil Master Of Powerful Suction? Too bad it’s a guy… LMFAO

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