Masters of the Universe Classics Panthor Evaluation

Masters of the Universe Classics Panthor Evaluation http The new reviews maintain rolling in, as Pixel Dan takes a look at the upcoming April 2011 beast figure known as Panthor! Lastly, Skeletor has his steed! Assessment sample provided by Mattel.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Masters of the Universe Classics Panthor Evaluation”

  • chandrabroughton:

    should be flocked only around the joints

  • wolfdragga:

    @seeyouintheeighties That is Catra, but shes one of Hordak’s minions not Skeletor’s.

  • clubpenguin99ful:

    panthor is just another cat but a bit tougher i still should hav thought they should hav made him flocked and made battle cat a scary cat it just ruins the cordination

  • phuonghuynh916:

    i wanna get the motuc panthor but watching your review on it about the back legs being loose I’m having second thoughts of getting him I’m wondering should i get him now… or is there gonna be a reissue of him if you have any information about that let me know. I’m getting him to display because i have heman and battlecat both reissues i have a skeletor reissue also so i need panthor to complete it so please help me out because its driving me nuts.

  • heman13b:

    i got both figures but i think batlle cat is better..

  • triklops1:

    Should have been flocked, Panthor isn’t Panthor without the flocking. Bottom LIne period.

  • seeyouintheeighties:

    i remember as a child an evil woman of skelators with dark hair who pulls down a pair of glasses over her eyes and transforms into panther… i guess now i must of imagined it? or is their some truth in what ive said?

  • blemons100:

    not a fan of panthor fig the paint is too glossy i think battle cat is much better

  • SatansMullet:

    I really dont care he isnt flocked. i HATE flocking! so much.. i think they should have done a special limited run of flocked ones for people like Dan, but for ME i want him unflocked. every. time
    even mossman was better unflocked.. he can smell minty, he can look like a green beastman, but flocking ruins him.. cause flocking comes off to easy and it hides detail

  • gengarjetty:

    a stupid little idiot broke my panthor :(

  • EPworld:

    @BrocMajorz718 thanks i will but i have now couble things what i have to do
    so it maybe take time to get Panthor but i let you know when i get panthor.

  • BrocMajorz718:

    @EPworld I preorder my from eBay A couple of months ago so I got a good price on it . There’s a bunch left on eBay from $44.95 – $60 . Let me know if you wind up getting it !

  • EPworld:

    @BrocMajorz718 really then i have to find him but it is little hard to find him

  • BrocMajorz718:

    @EPworld Yea panthors sick !! He looks badass next to battle cat 2 !!!! I got them set up face to face with there mouths opened like there growling at each other it looks sick !! . The new helmet for him is awesome 2 !! .

  • EPworld:

    @BrocMajorz718 true to telling
    i never had panthor if you speak true I gotta check him out !!

  • BrocMajorz718:

    @EPworld I haven’t seen gygor other then on YouTube if he’s cooler then panthor I gotta check him out !!

  • EPworld:

    @BrocMajorz718 Gygor is better

  • BrocMajorz718:

    Panthor is awesome !! If anyone doesn’t have it already , go get one !!!!

  • thedon0926:

    @evan1975 no all of them came with a helmet you should contact the customer service..

  • Thunderwing88:

    I understand why some wanted the flocking for the nostalgia, but I think it’s for the best.

  • evan1975:

    Huh. Mine came in the mail yesterday and there was no helmet. Did only the Eternia Club members get helmets?

  • TheWCWite:

    That helmet is sick.

  • Joeyzillla4:

    when is he goin to be released

  • wootlanter:

    I’m actually pretty stunned that it’s not flocked….

    I mean, just…..

  • killercrx91:

    @unholyrevenge9 Sorry april.

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