Masters of the Universe Classics Teela Evaluation

Masters of the Universe Classics Teela Evaluation

Pixel Dan returns with another MOTUC review for! This time taking a appear at the 1st female in the line: Teela!

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  • chainsaw76:

    Sad think she never had a reissue. :(

  • NateGreyCR:

    dude, I had the classic Teela, They DO look (the new toys) lots like the old ones, But They aren’t the old ones. I remember the Cobra top suit was something u could remove from the piece alltogether, Plus, they were SO flexible back then, these ones look nothing like tha

  • TheSecondEvolution:

    All the females seem to be taller than the males(except the two recently released giant 12″ figures).

  • Gaffeur:

    Ouais très beau tout ca et ca sort quant en Europe???’

  • ChicoEdge:

    The extra head laying on the bottom of the package was kinda creepy…

  • lordofkronos:

    teela , adora, shera all look the same face. wtf

  • Kongkos:

    4 horsemen should make the new Xena warrior princess figures…That would be cool…!

  • Thunderwing88:

    Dan, if they make any improvements when and if she is reissued are you going to buy another like with He-Man and Skeletor?

  • maxustech12:

    i never saw teela wering snake armor i know the vintage version had it but where she used it in comics ?

  • FaolchuAonarach:

    really enjoy these reviews, lets me see whats out there on the classics line, as im just now trying to catch up on them. Having already had a full set of the originals and 2002 series, i wanted to complete the collection if it was good quality, and i can tell by your review that they definately are. Thank you!

  • vf1rj:

    Hey! Check out the elbow pins…they are bigger than other Teela figures i have seen, and the ones from Evil-Lyn. I do not know if the difference is just a production change, or if it can be considered as a variant. But either way, it’s cool that you have a different Teela figure than most of us do. Congrats.

  • jjb1011jjb:

    i got this beauty from bbts today now i need a goddess figure

  • Jsun23:

    I checked mine, and she does twist at the waist! She’s just stiff. Great review though!

  • Thor89z:

    Wow! She is amazing!

    The only problems I had was the loose neck joint and the missing blue color on Zoar’s feathers.

    Hungry for more female figures!

  • MrBnyce78:

    She does look very pretty. I think I may get her. Can’t wait for her nemesis Evil-Lynn to come out. I wonder what she will look like. I’d like to pose them together so it looks like they’re having a girl fight.

  • goatz123:

    i do LOVE her look but these are to be made in “todays standards”…she looks like shes on a sitnspin when she sits…NOT COOL

  • fiveaeonspast:

    great review!

  • Hordak84:

    i got teela this monday. here finland Motu classics figures come little later than US collectors. but i am happy to Teela figure. she looks gorgeus. hey go my channel and there is 3 minute video about teela.

  • UltimateThanos:

    6:28 Aww.

  • robdsires:

    I hope someone thinks about bringing out ‘Thundercats’ again! They need some serious Re-makes already.

  • avilleguy:

    The staff is supposed to be “warped” at the bottom. The Four Horsemen sculpted it to look like the orginal Teela 8-back artwork from the original package.

  • tangymilk:

    I really hate the back ground music, but other then that I enjoy your reviews.

  • ultramegatrion:

    she looks soooo cool…I ordered her today :)

  • gettothechoppa007:

    teela looking better than ever! i`m impressed with this fig.

  • TheCastellan:

    How did you get this one early anyhow, Mr. Pixeldan? :)

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