Masters of the Universe Classics: Zodac Review

Masters of the Universe Classics: Zodac Review

To see a scan of his bio and card back click here: You can buy him and other Classics figures through BBTS:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Masters of the Universe Classics: Zodac Review”

  • Snowmation:

    You’re right it does look like serious scaring going instead of hair.

  • voidingindigo:

    I played with the original figures in the 80s. I wish the original figures were this luxurious.

  • BufferUnderrun:

    always thought this guy was evil

  • immortalcelsius:

    I agree….give him a brown chest hair wash…sexy

  • giannhs96:

    where you bought this?

  • OnmuphuckinOne:

    great review and cool ass figs

  • JTMitchell87:

    I’m quite fond of them too.

  • ThreePointBomber33:

    i like your fat hands

  • JacksonsGames:

    nice figure but when there wrists move it is called swivel

  • JTMitchell87:

    From what someone else has said MattyCollector sold more He-Ros than they had on hand and it’s a matter of waiting for the next shipment to get in.

    Hopefully it’ll arrive on Wednesday.

  • sniper3300:

    you ordered he-ro through matty right? not sure why its taking you so long to get yours. I got mine last wednesday, and if your tri already shipped then you def should of gotten he-ro already since i havent gotten a shipping notice for tri myself.

  • JTMitchell87:

    Hmm, it has been a while since a Reboot review.

    I just might have to go back to it.

  • JTMitchell87:

    My Tri-Klops has already shipped (unlike the He-Ro I purchased) so it’s all a matter of waiting.

  • duelmadness22:

    hey i love the new intro

  • aaronmp8:

    That Zodac is more of a tribute to the classic figures than one would at first think. He has Beast-Mans chest! If you get Beast-Man I will bet he has exactly the same chest that Zodac has. Good review, I hope you get He-Man and Skeletor soon.

  • sniper3300:

    That figure actually looks pretty good, I have yet to get him though. It would of been nice to have painted on chest hair, but the unpainted look lends more towards the classic zodac.

    They are apparently gonna be stopping the airbrushing on the muscles soon I remember reading, which is a shame since it adds so much for something that is so little.

    If you havent already, you can still pick up Triclops from the website still (just a reminder incase you forgot).

  • Ojunix:

    I love you have an interesting different opening depending on the Review this being my fav after the one for Reboot Reviews which do you plan on going back on soon?

  • soundwaveman100:

    santa + rambo GENIUS!

  • JTMitchell87:

    Did you listen to the video? In the 2002 remake Zodak had a different ethnicity from the 80′s series.

    The repaint figure is an homage to that.



  • marvelrocks11:




  • speaks316:

    i love the opening u use for these toys….. subtle but brilliantly funny

  • JTMitchell87:

    I don’t have the original to compare, but it sounds like the original had too much red under his eyes and his shoulder were on backwards.

    Shame I have to wait until November to get the man himself.

  • powrerranger101lover:

    Another great-looking figure! Gonna have to assume that Zodac/Zodak Had gloves in the show, so if he did, than I am going to have to complain that they didn’t give him any on the toy. But if not, then it’s perfect.

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