Masters of the Universe Comic Book Animation Rare!

Masters of the Universe Comic Book Animation Rare!

This is from the Golden Book Home Video presentation of Masters of the Universe. The animation is somewhat in the style of the early Marvel animated cartoons from the 1960′s. These cartoons were created in 1983. Enjoy! No rights are given or implied.

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  • chrisedelic77:

    Had this VHS, it was yellow.

  • twiztidlestat:

    Thats funny.

  • james32c:

    @twiztidlestat no just very childish

  • vengeance1701:

    I love how the mustache gets edited in on Man-at-Arms;)

  • Kitsuneranger:


  • twiztidlestat:

    I assume your really young :)

  • james32c:

    COOL NAMES?????

  • cerberus144:

    Does anyone know where I can get the song from 0:18 – 0:28 as an Mp3? I had these tapes as a kid and I want that as my ringtone!

  • wileyk209zback:

    @ComicBookGo That’s interesting regarding He-Man’s voice. I think it might’ve been Don Messick voicing Merman in this video, too (too bad they never credited the voices!)

  • dynomitis:

    The music in this one is all cool-sounding! :-)

  • ComicBookGo:

    Ha! That was pretty cool. Lost episodes for me, since I never seen them. I remember how the old original Marvel cartoons were like this, I could never stand them, I don’t consider that a cartoon cuz a toon has 2 have animation, but if you WERE to do that sorta thing, then the way THIS is is done really well. Very graceful and smooth, lots of economy.

    I recognize Hemans voice as the actor for Batman in the KingdomeCome audio cassete. Thanks again for posting these ‘lost’ episodes for me.

  • OzzieAstaroth:

    Awesome! I had this video and many others as a kid. I remember watching them over and over and over again. Thanks for uploading it since they can’t be found otherwise now.

  • xBrandonHexx:

    very cool

  • AL13NM:

    I had this VHS tape!
    It was awesome!

  • Indecom:

    I love the inconsistency in battle cat’s appearance lol. I remember these from when i was a child. big fan of motu :)

  • truedmf4life:

    I never knew they made a video of this! I had the book and record. This is the same, just with no narration. Thanks for posting this.

  • TheBryan61383:

    I remember these books im a big fan of he man thanks for posting. I would like to know why tella did not say father to man at arms.

  • zoist80:

    “Masters of the Universe Comic Book Animation RARE!” lol… what are you sellin’ this on eBAY? lol. Seriously tho, thanks for posting this it’s awesome.

  • Qualipus:

    when I first heard the “roar” at 1:47 I thought it was supposed to be Battlecat’s growl.

  • cerberus144:

    Hearing that music again at the opening made me feel real nostalgic..>T_T

  • wileyk209zback:

    At least when they did the Sesame Street Golden Book Videos, they managed to get Frank Oz, Caroll Spinney, Richard Hunt and Fran Brill to do some of the voices!

  • hemanshera777:

    can you imagine what this would be like if the “SHE-RA” books were like this?

  • elmacbee:

    Thanks! =)

  • dokboy77:

    @elmacbee no these are not the same voices as the cartoon. But these people did pretty good imitations

  • dokboy77:

    Im lucky enuff to still have my videos like this. I wish Golden Book still existed… these need to be on DVD!!!!

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