“Masters of the Universe” or “Waterworld”?

“Masters of the Universe” or “Waterworld”?

Question by *H1PP1TY HOP* .DEFINITIVE JUX.: “Masters of the Universe” or “Waterworld”?

KGB yeah fairly sick track but im going with


Just due to the fact of “Reality check”
lol @ mechanical

i know what im performing lol

Very best answer:

Answer by The Jester

each are tight tho…

great question… you get a star

EDIT – wait, didnt they both have KGB?? That was my preferred song… track is sick…

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  • Mechanical *Jedi Grand Master*:

    I’ll go with Masters of the Universe since I consider it a classic.

    Waterworld was good and I loved the production on it, but it had way too many drug references (I know that was the point).

    EDIT: I completely forgot Binary Star released an album called Water World when I wrote that…HA HA. Still Masters of the Universe. I was wondering why you were comparing Binary Star and Leak Bros.

  • Jessica W:


  • Crypt:

    Master of the Universe is one of my 15 favorite albums, so of course I’m going with that one.

    The album is perfect imo

    I don’t care who you are, if you’re missing this album, you’re library is incomplete

    Waterworld is pretty dope too, but Masters is on a whole nother level.

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