Masters of the Universe: Skeletor (Component two of 2)

Masters of the Universe: Skeletor (Component two of 2)

For me the very best Sci-Fi villain, here a few appearances of him.
Video Rating: four / five

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  • ihalloway:

    Atleast he man and others looks less gay xD

  • ptc88:

    One of the best villain monologues in film from 4:27.

    Regardless of whether you like the film or not, Frank Langella has made this a film you covet secretly to proudly recommending it to friends!

  • Kaplanman09:

    @Just1Spark Let’s be real Dolf Lundgren sportin a mullet was more dignified than him having a bob lol.

  • LamonicBomb:

    @actutus no i wasnt offended, just found it odd that you would say that lol. i do agree this actor’s version of skeletor was PERFECT!

  • actutus:

    @LamonicBomb I apologize for giving offense. Embarrassed is not the right word — forgive me. I stand by the rest of what I said. Langella’s portrayal of Skeletor is simply superb.

  • EvilSkeltos:

    Thanks for these videos, Skeletor was definately the perfect villian. what an actor amazing theatrics

  • ramses3267:

    i still watch this movie damn good for its time

  • LamonicBomb:

    @actutus i….don’t know anyone who would say they were embaressed to watch he-man as a kid. certainly not me. i mean if YOU didn’t like it, fine, but speak for yourself. some of us liked it. ALOT.

  • maxodeon:

    I love Skeletors speech to the people of Eternia and the moment when the eye opens and Skeletor becomes the Master of the Universe.
    The movie should have ended shortly after that moment.

  • hardstyle905:

    Madness? This. is. SPARTAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Just1Spark:

    I dont remember HEMAN having a mullet?

  • TheWarbirdPhoenix:

    @ 1:15 Damn,for a skeleton,he sure has a huge package.

  • Toyman1982:

    @Captaintrolltard Evil-lynn ROCKED!!!

  • Tantive7:

    Meg Foster is AWESOME as EVIL LYN!! AWESOME, SHE NAILS THAT ROLE!!! She looks so EVIL,And Frank Langella Kick ASS as Skeletor! His Skeletor can’t be beat

  • CerberusDarkone:

    My favourite part of the whole Film is the first destiny speech.

    basically it goes like this..

    (Skel) …I Want this!
    (Sor) …FU Skeletor
    Skel) …FU you back Sorceress.

  • actutus:

    Langella’s Skeletor is easily on the short list of greaest villains of all time, up there with Ledger’s Joker and MacDermit’s Palpatine. He WITHOUT DOUBT saved the Masters of the Universe franchise, turning it from a corny cartoon with a short run that most of us would have felt embarrassed to admit we watched as kids, into one of the true Science Fantasy classics.

  • th14thdoctor:

    No villain is better than souron except morgoth

  • fab0273:

    i love this movie i saw this 20 years ago

  • CIarKent:

    wait how did it end?

  • 87Alad:

    great sf, i have it on hvs XD

  • gv1955:



  • Wahidfelty:

    I wonder what Dolph thought when he realized he’d be playing the last 10 minutes of the movie with practically no clothes on?

  • talkinghead80:

    I’m studying Richard III right now. It is quite obvious that this Skeletor is completely modeled after him. “I demand of destitution, shame, and loneliness of scorn! It is my destiny! It is my right! Nothing will deter me from it!” Shakespeare would have been proud.

  • Wikkiter:

    2:11 Madness? THIS IS-

  • MrRobertSama:

    What kind of name is He-Man anyway?

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