Mazes and Monsters – Tom Hanks Freaks Out

Mazes and Monsters – Tom Hanks Freaks Out

A clip from an early TV Movie starring a young Tom Hanks, in which his fascination with Role-Playing Games leads him down the toboggan ride to insanity. One thing you’ll notice here is that, while the material is the worst sort of sensationalist panic-mongering, Hanks is actually pretty damned good even in this early performance. He’s a great guy and this is not meant to make fun of him. However, seeing a respected actor perform truly laughable material is always good for a chuckle. One viewing and you’ll quickly see that his Oscars for “Philadelphia” and “Forrest Gump” were just to make up for how this performance was shamefully overlooked.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Mazes and Monsters – Tom Hanks Freaks Out”

  • SardaukarPrime:

    Use lighting bolt on’em,Tom! LIGHTING BOLT! LIGHTING BOLT!


  • YourDarkAccomplice:

    @Symos – Can’t find it on Netflix. I guess it was taken down.

  • Tareltonlives:

    For a cleric, his spells are pretty ineffectual compared a knife (what does that do, 1d damage?!). What, did he spend all his points on strength instead of wisdom?

  • athomicritics:

    thankfully he wasnt playing cuthulu or he would have lost all of his mental healt point …… WAIT that happend in the movie so whatever

  • wiccanlove1:

    @ROBOTPETER101 : another good movie Tom Hanks was in is called “Everytime You Say Goodbye”….he plays a young Canadian Air Force serviceman who is in Spain (I think) and falls in love w/ a young Jewish girl….it’s a story about forbidden love.


    at least there more active then most dnd players…then again,how the hell do they decide anything without dice?!

  • andy65guitar:

    @ChronicFallacy Abused by a WHAT????

  • andy65guitar:

    @DoctorStinkyballs That’s nice! And ironic.

  • the60scarfreak:

    @ChronicFallacy LMAO

  • Jasonbobdude:

    Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between rolling dice and calculating armor values, and actually fighting a lizard man in a cave. RPGs are dangerous, man.

  • ChronicFallacy:

    Jesus Christ CALM THE FUCK DOWN TOM! It’s just a guy in a costume!

    You’d think he was sexually abused by gorivils when he was a child or something

  • Pekeno201:

    @GodlessInfinity Manson promotes schools shootings, Gran thef auto promotes crimes, homosexuality promotes aids, muslims promote terrorism, socialists…communism ehh whats the difference, rap promotes drugs, Duke Nuke’Em…. well Duke is the man… Haiillllll to the king baby!

  • TheGreaterGood80:

    This movie was the Reefer Madness of RPG games. I’m not even an RPG player but I found it appalling. it was made to capitalize on the fear that D&D led to insanity and suicide, which was sort of analogous to the same fears ultra-conservative parents had about heavy metal back in the 80′s.

    Funny how people still can’t accept the fact that RPGs, video games and heavy metal don’t cause insanity and suicide.

  • whitebishop1:

    This is what happens when a non-nerd writes a script for a movie about D&D.

  • anvilofcrom:

    Lay off the shrooms, Hanks.

  • Noodles37UK:

    @GodlessInfinity Or fun. It’s just the press, Christian groups or the usual people that keep themselves breathing by attacking people who enjoy themselves by minding their own business, entertaining themselves indoors.

  • GodlessInfinity:

    LMAO I remember the Dungeons and Dragons hysteria in the 1980′s, I guess it goes back further than that. Since then it’s been what? Metal, movies, rap, video games, that Manson emo, Doom, Duke Nuke’Em, Grand Theft Auto, homosexuals, muslims, socialists, what next? Oh wait, I think we’re about due for another moral panic about Atheism.

  • WatchMyAwesomeVideos:

    Tom Hanks is amazing, LOL

  • 25PHANTOM69:

    @athomicritics LOL yeah!

  • athomicritics:

    @25PHANTOM69 your right and after this the others players have to roll dices to see if they hear his scream XD

  • 25PHANTOM69:

    This, is, hilarious. He needs to roll for constitution before he starts screaming for help.

  • bloodawn5:

    @ScutigeraColeoptrata Yeah If Mazes and Monsters lets you see shit soo real I want to play it!!!

  • ScutigeraColeoptrata:

    Since when can a Cleric use a dagger?

  • ScutigeraColeoptrata:

    @bloodawn5 That’s awesome. :)

  • athomicritics:

    a gorvil a gorvil vil vil vil
    spoony : what the fuck is that the fuck is that that that

    LOL i like the review of spoony on it

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