Microsoft Surface – Dungeons and Dragons Demo Walkthrough | HD

Microsoft Surface – Dungeons and Dragons Demo Walkthrough | HD

Microsoft Surface – Dungeons and Dragons Demo Walkthrough | HD Developer: Microsoft Release Date: TBA Genre: N/A Platform: Computer Publisher: Microsoft Internet site: Channel: Unknown A walk-by way of of the current construct of our proof of concept for a Dungeons & Dragons knowledge on the Microsoft Surface. Created by the Surfacescapes team at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University.
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25 Responses to “Microsoft Surface – Dungeons and Dragons Demo Walkthrough | HD”

  • agent9149:

    imagine monoploy on this omg =D

  • kaalthai:

    I’m a dungeon master for about 15 years and I was actually thinking in something like this to help me throw dice and show some images, but the crappy dire wolf and game perspective just show how lame D&D has become and it’s kinda sad.

  • MrDaratum:

    @ronaldzimmererjr They run around $7,600 and just google Microsoft touch table.

  • MrPointless:

    Too slow.

  • Machia:

    It’s so slow…

  • reluctable:

    Seems to completely miss the point.

    A thin screen that could display environments, events and effects in place of hand drawn maps could be cool, and would certainly be less expensive. But while the idea of taking out paper altogether is bad enough, the notion that some weak-ass animated dice on a screen could replace the fun of blowing on your lucky d20 then sending it clattering across the table on a crucial game changing roll while everyone holds their breath is just unfathomably misguided.

  • Quixotic1329:

    @TheMrIscariot if they will allow you to create of upload you own maps,character designs,add dialogue with voices,but i could see it being bad and linear.

  • TheMrIscariot:

    HAHAHAHAHA ! HAHAHAHA ! HAHAHAHA ! paper version is always better !
    this game alweys was about your Mind and Creativity
    And wtf is this ? comp~ map comp~ dice com locations comp~ monsters
    we will w8 5 years and they give us Cyber Game Masters .

    rly guys … this seems to be cool … but it is ?

  • guyver8201a:

    @ronaldzimmererjr $12,000. but price will drop

  • nickipyro:

    it’s kool and all, i would be the first guy to get one but…it’s not dnd without the the REAL dice the pappers and the books. i,m a techy, i luv this thing (for anything other than dnd) i can not allow this pieces of hardware into my group.

  • saplaneguy:

    gaddammit what’s the use of a natural touch user interface device if you need all these special doodad cubes to do anything. Someone didn’t “get” the point of a touchscreen.

  • SturmgeschuetzIV:

    Looks totally boring and needless to me. Also who needs a huge fucking table as a PC?

  • devilsluk:

    @BavManification This board handles the -mechanics- of the game, and removes the massive reems of graph paper you need to store all your maps. Everything else (Creative process and imagination) is purely up to the DM and the players involved. If you have trouble with those two just because you no longer have dice in your hand, there might be bigger issues…

  • CaptainMorgen77:

    Sorry, I gotta be the uberNerd to point out that the dire wolf would provoke an attack of opportunity from the PC as it passes into and out of one of its threatening squares. lol

  • MegatronYES:

    @BavManification In no way does this limit an individual’s capacity to be imaginative and to narrate to the degree that that individual WANTS to.

  • PRY0R30:


  • valkin07:

    @BavManification this product is not for you, its for large companies, that can throw down 8000$ on a table

  • BavManification:

    Why would i pay thousands of dollars to a bunch of coders and Microsoft to take the fun out of the Dm’s creative process and the imagination of the players. Pencil,paper and dice cost virtually nothing. That’s a real part of the pride and satisfaction of creating a believable enviroment and delivering genuine fun to the players. argh!

  • giowinkle1:

    where is the dieolog is there role playing what kind of diffrent adventures can you down load?

  • nazaxprime:

    @Arimane I think Dice and the one and only thing this must have, If I were to concede to not use mini’s, which I won’t. Mini’s should uniquely ID to the player, and be their interface device, while REAL DICE should be used and recognized by “Surface”. There should be no mouse utilized with the interface.
    They need(ed) an analyst, a specialized UI artist, and perhaps a couple gamers from the local dork-store, that far closer represent “us”.
    Is this a b-day present for Richard Garriot?
    Come on…

  • nazaxprime:

    I didn’t mean to confuse.
    I’m a lazy freelance Dev…
    I am thinking hard on making a new game for the Virtual boy, V(5) games actually.
    I started thinking about it again last night.
    Sry, I specialize in being a retard, and utilizing old technology rather than pushing relentlessly on the new barriers. Actually, I have no Idea what I’m talking about .
    lol, I made x-rays… :P
    I know plenty & have done a lot, but apparently not enough kissing of asses or being wealthy.
    Dang it, YouTube.

  • Arimane:

    what? You don’t REALLY roll your d20? That’s NOT FUN. I like old style d&d, with my sheet, and real dice, and real, paper map.

  • Diablo9964:

    it’s for rich kids

  • legofanatic12:

    Dude effing port this to iphone!!!!

  • MrBlairblack:

    dude, that is Not d&d. not even close.

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