My Stuffed Animal is a Monster – Official Trailer

My Stuffed Animal is a Monster – Official Trailer

A tale of adore, murder, and stuffed animals… The murder scene – a gruesome dismemberment by use of steel table fan complete with a set of tiny bloody footprints. The detectives difficult-nosed Detective Davis and his dry-humored partner Detective Anderson. And then theres Jane Markum. A potential next victim with her innocent face and childhood stuffed animal? Or a potential suspect as the ex-girlfriend of the dismembered and the owner of a creepy stuffed animal? As more of Jane’s boyfriends appear deceased the pressure builds for the detectives to solve the case and naturally for Jane to get back out on the dating scene. Meanwhile, her father has a lengthy forgotten secret about the origins of Sammy, her stuffed animal – a secret that may change every little thing forever! Law and Order: SVU meets Childs Play. But funnier. Screener copies now on sale at Spread the word and support our flic so we can make more great art for you all! Most Epic Triumph Films Presents…. A function of art by Joe Fiorello Starring: Sara Mayer Mark Dunn Kate Holland Benjamin Holmes Amanda Jones Matt Payne Gus Schulenburg Marlene Might Unique guest appearance by Joseph Fiorello Music by Max Xiantu Christian McLeer Sky ‘D’

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