NewHeMan: The Beginning S1 E1 1/two

NewHeMan: The Beginning S1 E1 1/two

randor repulses an attack from the evil kandor and is crowned king. Years later, one more guy named skeletor, with the exact same blue skin, attacks. coincidence? yeah right please rate and comment

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  • manteconcon:

    The guy with the long neck is a douchebag…. Watch his reaction… Oh snap! he is falling… let me see if it splatters xD

  • Fullmetalroadwarrior:

    skeletors blade is badass

  • martinthomas1980:

    Skeletor’s voice is ridiculous.

  • hjenkinz:

    this show was shit

  • plushiepenguin:

    @Alcairo02 Umm. No It would be a waste of time

  • Alcairo02:

    Oh. Shouldn’t the person that uploaded this correct the description then?

  • plushiepenguin:

    @Alcairo02 his name is keldor you just heard it wrong.

  • plushiepenguin:

    @jotamorais It didnt get enough viewers and the toyline didint make enough money so cartoon network cut it off.

  • Alcairo02:

    @ CartoonBroadcaster
    I thought in this re-boot series his name was “Keldor” not Kandor. He eventually
    became Skeletor.

  • jotamorais:

    Can anyone, for God’s sake, explain me why this show was canceled????

  • MystressCrowler:

    @Lion31Cybershot I’m a little confused. I wasn’t referring to the animation specifically I was referring to how the only difference between He-man and Adam was less clothing. I don’t think I referred to it as “stiff and woody.” did you reply to the wrong comment?

  • Lion31Cybershot:

    @MystressCrowler Animation like this was possible bach in the eighty’s.
    Dont make the misteake of thinking otherwise, take transformers or dragon ball z for example.
    The only reason that the old series from 1983 look kind of woody and stiff was because that was the style of Filmation studio’s back then who made them.

  • Lion31Cybershot:

    The Council: ”Hee Randor, You can have this place for yourself wile whe are gonna hide our cowardly asses!”
    Randor: ”Ime honored putting my ass on the line why you old fags pack up and leave!”

  • MystressCrowler:

    I like both the old and new series for different reasons. The old was silly campy fun and this one took the same ideas and tried something a little different as well as worked on a few of the old show’s plot holes (like how Adam and He-man looked exactly the same yet no one figured it out right away.) though the new one isn’t the greatest animated show of all time it was still entertaining.



  • killerdugong:

    yall can argue all day on witch series is better(80′s or this one) but i think most of us can agree that The New Adventures Of He Man SUCKED!

  • ultraking312:

    @87theassassin hes not suspose to be gay stuiped he suppossed to be bad ass -.-

  • Guntazo90210:

    In the original Adam just stripped to become He-Man(FAIL)

    in this version, it’s like Adam went through an extreme case of puberty to become He-Man.(AWESOMENESS)

    thumbs upo if you agree

  • Guntazo90210:

    DAMN Straight

  • dlwilliam:

    @dominict1981 the one who cancels toonami.

  • ricochet188:

    This show marked a brief time in my life where I thought it would be the fucking coolest thing in the world to have a jetpack and wings attached to my forearms.

  • ehenyor:

    I’ve been a He-Man fan for over 29 years (yes, 29 years). This show was FAR SUPERIOR to the 1980s version. I grew up reading the mini comics that came with the action figures; those comics were like this cartoon. When my local TV station finally began airing the Filmation version, I remember how my excitement quickly turned to disappointment because of how watered down the show was. (I credit the 80s show with setting up the mythos, though.) THIS SHOW people, is what He-Man was meant to be.

  • filmore400:

    heeeyy metatarms is optimus from beast wars

  • filmore400:

    they have the technology to create acid and then retractable maces 2:06 but they cant make gunz lol

  • MrCrazyKool:

    Anyone who knows He-Man’s original series knows that Skeletor was Hordak’s student WHILE already in skeleton form. Presumably he was always that way. Needless to say for the sake of something new this pretty neat series came up with this story though. But that’s def not how it originally went.

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