Notice Period?

Notice Period?

Question by David C: Notice Period?

I have a 3 month notice period in my contract and I want to leave earlier, I have been working for my employer for 9 years and am employed as a sales manager.

Given that August last year I have had no company auto or sales target, both of which were withdrawn though are in my contract, and am produced to go to Germany 2 weeks a month or risk losing my job.

When I ask for a comission target I am told that I can only have 1 if I take a reduction in salary, and have a greater OTE, and when I ask for a automobile so I can do the Job I am told (do not laugh) “I can have a car as huge as the sales which is a matchbox vehicle”

The business fired the German Sales Manager in September and since then they have created it clear that I am necessary in Germany 2 weeks each month and that if I do not comply with this they would have to contemplate my position.

Nothing is ever put in writing, I require to leave . Do I have a case for breach of contract, what can I do?



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Answer by BigD
If you want to leave, just quit. You won’t have a dilemma as employment contracts are subject to the statute of frauds – ie, they have to be in writing (with some exceptions, but none that I see here)

As a expert courtesy, you should give two weeks notice.

As for breach of contract – I do not see it. You do not really have a contract.

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