Ohio Art Cars Travel Etch A Sketch

Ohio Art Cars Travel Etch A Sketch

Ohio Art Vehicles Travel Etch A Sketch

  • The classically easy Etch-a-Sketch is 1 of the very best-recognized toys of a generation and remains well-liked right now
  • No batteries, No dilemma, he classic Etch a Sketch is powered by skill and imagination
  • The Travel Etch a Sketch is the perfect size to take along those lengthy trips
  • Featuring fun Vehicles graphics
  • A great imagination booster for kids

An Etch A Sketch that’s perfect for your pocket! This pint-size palette has the identical magic screen and the identical world renowned knobs, it’s just built to fit in your child’s pocket so they can etch anyplace and everywhere! A greater day is just an etch aw

List Cost: $ 12.99

Price: $ 14.99

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