Orko He-Man & Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC Exclusive San Diego with Prince Adam

Orko He-Man & Masters of the Universe Classics SDCC Exclusive San Diego with Prince Adam

Color changing Orko from SDCC. Cool fig, but I want the standard version that comes out in August.
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  • AFinleyProductions:

    i do not plan on opening mine I just got it today at my local convention i know it is the SDCC one because the regular one is not translucent colored

  • CharmedCoop:

    @GayGeekyVlogs yeah he is cool

  • GayGeekyVlogs:

    @CharmedCoop Had to be SyKlone.

  • CharmedCoop:

    @GayGeekyVlogs you are wellcome. yeah it would have been great to see them. who`s your favourites off he-man? mine are Teela,Cringer,Adam,He-man,Orko and Battlecat

  • GayGeekyVlogs:

    @CharmedCoop THanks! I wish you could have seen some of my previous ones before they were all deleted.

  • CharmedCoop:

    great review. keep up the good work. I love Orko. he`s one of my favourite chracters

  • jranightmare:

    Great review. Prince Adam Is just a mess. Someone needs to show him how to match

  • fatfoxclown:

    Prince Adam becomes an accessory: to murder tonight on CSI Eternia

  • memocobra:

    Hey nice review

  • GayComicGeek:

    @flyguy773 Dude, totally! On the He-Man.org forum, so many people were doing comparison shots of the two of them. They thought that that character was a rip off of Orko, and that FF should at least say the Black Mage was a Trollan

  • flyguy773:

    Orko must be related to the black mage from the Final Fantasy series :)

  • syllvor:

    You bent it, you know you did. It is kinna interesting that they’ve basically taken an accessory and made it the main figure, and vise versa, but I guess a lot of fans would want to see him released that way.

  • TheFreelancer2236:

    O_O You actually opened it… I don’t believe it, I can’t bring myself to open mine… That, Sir, is what makes you so dang awesome!!!

  • RedHulk80:

    Great Review maN!! I have been wanting to see him up close…the color changin looks really cool but as you said it is a bit unnessasary. =D

  • topup73:

    I loved ORKO!!!!

  • GayComicGeek:

    @uberkewl19 Uh, what? I was all over Comic Con. I even volunteered at a booth. I dressed up in costume as a Red Lantern and hung out with other people dressed up as other Lanterns.

  • marvelboy1974:

    I love the full lips on adam and purple tights

  • Xamot1980:

    Prince Adam should have the sword holder like Adora does. I dont know how they missed that important detail.

  • boxintypex:

    dude this review rocks!!!!

  • RiFFxxx:

    He looks pretty damn good, i had that awful 80′s Orko with the rip cord dance thing, at least hes on scale with the other figures this time.

    Great vid Paul.

  • kjhulk:

    nice!! i missed out, they sold out b4 i could get it!! nice review!!

  • yankeezfan4life1:

    Can you say Ooogly Doogly or Okely Dokely? You sound just like Ned Flanders (Especially when you said “Bam Bada Bing” and “…put’im in the cold water…”). LoL, very good video, thanks.

  • uberkewl19:

    How come you never showed your face at Comic-Con?

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