• Fit all 25 pieces into place before the clock runs out
  • When time is up, the tray ejects the pieces
  • Helps younger kids learn shape recognition
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Kids will soon develop speed and accuracy so much they’ll want to take on Mom and Dad

Hasbro 1160000 Perfection (EA)Even adults will be challenged by attempting to fit all 25 pieces into place before the 60-second alarm sounds. These complex geometric shapes need to be matched with the appropriate hole before the whole tray pops up an

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  • M. H. Bayliss:

    Review by M. H. Bayliss for Perfection
    Even younger children can improve their concentration by trying to fit all these pieces in the correct slots. I thought my 4 year old would be discouraged by the time running out, but actually most kids think it’s fun when the pieces explode, even if that means they are “losing.” By helping your kids the first few times and then letting them try it seems to be the best way to get them interested. I still found it as much fun as it was when I was young. Probably best for 5 and up, but even younger kids will enjoy trying to fit the pieces in. If you don’t want the “stress” for little kids, just have them put the pieces in without pushing down the board and using the timer!

  • batraylover:

    Review by batraylover for Perfection
    A game that I grew up with, and love even still today! A fun game where you must race against the clock to fit all of the pieces into the appropriate shaped slots before the board pops up and spills all of your pieces everywhere. A great game for the school aged child, younger players should be supervised by an adult as the pieces are very small, easy to lose, and even easier to swallow; even so I see no reason why a preschooler age four or five would not enjoy this game with some help from an older sibling or a parent. The flaws in this game are few yet they are definately there…one is for the advanced player there is no way to customize the timer, and once you get the idea of the game it is not hard to master it and try to beat your own personal time. The timer ticks louder as the pop up approaches, and many kids will initially scream when it pops up, all part of the fun I say. The worst part about it however is that the pieces are so easy to lose because they are so small, with the know how however replacement pieces can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. With that in mind, you can be playing Perfection for years to come.

  • retrowens:

    Review by retrowens for Perfection
    I think Perfection is a great game for kids to play. The reason I think it’s good for them is because it does have some educational value. Of course, it can teach them to put the pegs in the right shaped space, but that’s not all that it can teach them. It’s one of the best games for a parent to get their kid if they want to teach them how to concentrate or take their time. When I played this game as a kid, I found out that if you rush and try to finish the game in too much of a hurry, you’ll never be able to do it. I finally found out that if I took my time and concentrated, I could finish the puzzle just about every time. I recommend anybody who has kids, a niece, etc. to get Perfection for them.

  • Rosemary A. Bertinelli:

    Review by Rosemary A. Bertinelli for Perfection
    Hi, We purchased this for our son more than 15 years ago. Miraculously, all pieces have survived despite the fact that this game has always been in our “active toy collection!” Trevor is now 20 years old and our perfection game is still perfect. Our two younger sons are now using it. The game is a staple in our home. Still in tact, still in great condition. Challenging for all ages. A sure winner! Rosemary

  • Tricia:

    Review by Tricia for Perfection
    The game is for my son 8, but, my 2 yr. old daughter LOVES it. We play it together all of the time. The more we play, the better she knows the shapes, and of course the best part is when it pops up, she screams!!! We want a travel one now.

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