Play Video Games To Learn Languages Online SNES RPG ZSNES

Play Video Games To Learn Languages Online SNES RPG ZSNES

Play role playing games by squaresoft and other companies to learn languages online free. For Roms Che’s Cheater: Hacks Zsnes Savestates for RPGS SNES Emulator GBA Emulator advance/ Rom Translations Multilingual TV Online Google Translate Babelfish %%emulation

25 Responses to “Play Video Games To Learn Languages Online SNES RPG ZSNES”

  • Terigator12:

    i love that one mario game :P

  • automouse2dotcom:

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  • flowewritharoma:

    These archaic smile is very etizotic! I have waited this video very very long time.

  • fiartruck0125:

    snakeyes is giving me a bunch of “could no connect to ____ servers.”

    Google to the rescue, I guess.

  • shion255:

    Better to emulate games that have been officially translated.
    Snes FFV’s french patch have been made by bad french people (those who make typos).
    Golden Sun can be downloaded as a rom of what was a translation made by professional translators, good french people (those who don’t make typos).

  • shion255:

    I’ french and I became good in english during middle school because of shining force cd.
    Not only that, the texts we were given were hardly understood by the other pupils . This gave me a basis for further progress as I was guessing the meaning of some words from their contexts, which payed off in high school.
    Grammar rules are secondary; you get an intuition, so to speak, of what is right or wrong from experience. The brain that had read “big red car” 47 times KNOWS that “red big car” iswrong

  • Jewdicris:

    Would this work for hebrew?

  • xMrUndisputedx:

    0:54… Did that REALLy say FRAPPE?!

  • tR0uTh:

    watch?v=FbLPS122znU asdas

  • ryujj143:

    ok so i downloaded the spanish patch for super mario rpg and i have the original rom so now what do i do you didnt explain that…i tried to open up the translation but all i see is a black screen…i tried it a couple times and with other games but always a black screen what am i supposed to do please help

  • MetalOverlord7290:

    I’d like to be able to do this with japanese writing…

  • klayclay:

    sorry for the double comment…I didnt think it posted it so i rewrote it XD

  • klayclay:

    so a long time ago I was able to convert some roms that were originally in german to run on my GBA emulator…but I cannot remember how I was able to do that…how might I be able to get those roms to run on it? I have a couple of Pokemon games done from that time but I can’t figure out how to make them run on my emulator.

  • klayclay:

    so a while ago I was able to convert a couple of pokemon games into german but now I cannot remember how…and snakeyes does not have any games i am looking for…how else might I be able to convert gba roms or any other roms?

  • akumie:

    En kille på youtube spelade det och han gillade det ej så gör om allting just nu

    Del 1 av 5 är här watch?v=0pafx0GhyAw

  • 95ville95:

    det skulle vara asgrymt

  • akumie:

    I am working on a super Mario World rom hack for people who want to learn Swedish
    Not the best rom hack around but still

    So far I have changed to the second castle
    If you want to try it then check out my video but u have to record urself playing for youtube

    Anyways more in the video watch?v=jM7Htt6jPaE

  • DrBakshandeh:

    Take a look at my Video gaming video to know what you can learn from games.

  • seiryu2007:

    i know the game sucked but u forgot final fantasy mystic quest for snes :)

  • willietrombone:

    the roms have to be “hacked” in order to be translated. programmers have to go in and modify the actual code of the game itself in order to change the language, it usually takes a team(but sometimes just one) of very dedicated people and usually takes several months if not years, yet people still do it. certainly a labor of love.

  • migeru23:

    hey can you send me super mario RPG? my email is glztrick@yahoo thanks man!

  • pxtothecore:

    awesome idea. Thanks. am going epic nostalgia while learning french by playing pokemon (=

  • isabngeryer:

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  • akumie:

    I was thinking exactly the same…even with languages like german, spanish, italien nd so on…you can maybe pick up some few basic sentences but how do u know what the words mean?

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