Potty Review! (Fisher Cost Cheer for Me Potty)

Potty Review! (Fisher Cost Cheer for Me Potty)

This is my review on the Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty :o ) We really like it!! We bought it for .00 at Target. Sorry the high quality of this video is suckish :o / I employed the webcam instead of my regular video camera and i forgot to put it on HD and the lighting is awful! I apologize. But I didn’t have time to re-do it!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • miscy83:

    Curiosity:after you train your kid to use the pottyhow long does it take to get him on the real toilet?I was just wondering,thanks:)))

  • misaki52008:

    super cute toilet and great review!!

  • jayliam21:

    I know Declan is ages away from being potty trained, but I have just seen a really good one that would be perfect for him. it’s called Fisher-Price Ducky Fun Potty & Step Stool. There is also another 1 but I don’t think it is as good Mamas and Papas Squeaka Duck Potty.

  • TheBabyProducts:

    @LaurenowkaLarry98 I saw that one too :o ) So cute! If we don’t still have Tripp’s by the time Declan starts training, we may get it for him!

  • JenNTim509:

    That is a really neat little potty!

  • LaurenowkaLarry98:

    Heyy! Great review Lora!! Btw, used to be JulianneHoughLover but my YT account started having probs so I deleted it! I was looking @ the related vids and there was a duck potty! I was holy crappola!! Lora should get that for Duckie ;o) Just thoght you would like to know! Tripp is so wild! Declan is SO precious sleeping on you!!!!

  • CandyandTy:

    We have the same one , the trouble is just trying to get calyndra to use it.

  • TheBabyProducts:

    @nickiweb21 We love ours too :o ) Super fun and cute!

  • TheBabyProducts:

    @86tasia It does that sometimes to us, but it always because water or something got on the sensor and made it sing!

  • 86tasia:

    does yours play the songs randomly? we got my newphew one when he started training…a couple months of him using it, the songs would come on very randomly…when no one was even near it.

  • sindysb2003:

    Same one too

  • Mommy2angelplus2:

    We have the same one too

  • nickiweb21:

    We have the same one! Love it

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