RC Helicopter demo

RC Helicopter demo

RC helicopter demo crazy flying
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25 Responses to “RC Helicopter demo”

  • hunzedog:

    heli ninja

  • FloenCloud:

    acrobatic helicopter?

  • lilredrider1:

    That is outstanding!! Where can I purchase helicopter like yours. Mines is uncontrollable. Contact rickbmorgan@yahoo.com

  • CornerSka:

    I wonder how much he has spent on rc heilcopter repairs?

  • preon89:

    is that thing broken or are you grazy? :p

  • todler68:

    Whirling Blades Of death WOW un- Believable Your A Cyborg

  • cantbeatjoey:

    @tannerboss y 43?

  • Tendo8002:

    @dickcheney6 Some Rc helis. “Collective pitch” helis have the ability to get both negative and positive pitch on the rotorblades with maintained engine revs, so actuallty on his controller he isn’t controlling engine speed/rpm but only the pitch of the blades (exept for when he landed, then he controlled both engine revs and the pitch)

  • WildPilot300:

    aaah beginner flights, they just cant go straight can they!! lol

  • thaik1:

    props to the camera guy following that shit

  • stinkbom333:

    ur a really good heli pilot but i wouldnt hire u

  • ATRxNitrous:

    @dickcheney6 yeah i was wondering that aswell maybe because they have big controllers they have switches/buttons etc to change some aspects of the chopper so it can do that.

    beats me though…

  • dickcheney6:

    How in the heli does it fly upside down? wouldn’t the airflow that normally pulls it up, suck it down?

    Those are some pretty neat tricks though!

  • 44magnum2146:

    He could give someone a haircut with that thing without even fetching blood!

  • XxstryaexX1:

    @jordanjcm nah i think now they just going at full throttle

  • XxstryaexX1:

    you cant do that with airhogs :)

  • stupidcommentbelow:

    haha it would be funny if he can’t fly just straight ahead:D

  • Gum3rdm:

    so why did you generalized it fake?
    so why didn’t just call it a edited video referring to speed?

  • audiodrew1:

    Landing was a little rough!!

  • Scallywag9076:

    My god, respect to you :) i cant even keep my battery powered chopper under control properly. LOL

  • jordanjcm:

    @Gum3rdm You called it impossible speed and now you say possible. You are a very confused person. I never ever once said anything was impossible. NOT ONCE. Is it possible you can’t read? lol. All I sad was they sped up the video a bit. watch all this guys other videos and you will see. (Alan Szabo) They start the speed up at :21. then back to normal speed near the end. They add sound back in later to fool you. I None of it is fake.

  • Gum3rdm:

    @jordanjcm you don’t know how to shortcut things huh?

    of course every thing is possible if u have skills. then why did they take a video when its not possible? are they a gOD? can they perform magic?

  • jordanjcm:

    @Gum3rdm I do not know what ‘posible’ is. I guess you meant possible.

    So you agree with me? or do you have no idea what the word impossible means? You can’t call it possible and impossible. Unless you’re a moron.

  • jordanjcm:

    @mikeyyycipriani Sorry I should not have said it was fake. It is not fake but it is sped up a bit. Easy to do and that is why the guy stands so still. Then they put the original sound back on it for his talking, to fool you. Quite simple. He sure is quick with that camera.

  • MacsCanfly:

    @WildPilot300 or the grass

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