Shit i found in my Attic! An Update

Shit i found in my Attic! An Update

So i was looking round the internets…

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  • Wizartar:

    LOL!!! You fail as kid!

  • pvtspoon:

    I had the red truck pow-r-tron as a kid. It was awesome. Actually, no it wasn’t.

  • pvtspoon:

    I had the red truck pow-r-tron as a kid. It was awesome. Actually, no it wasn’t.

  • jiidee:

    @KaIelPrime ya ain’’m not bothered. It was actually one of your better efforts. Got to give ya props for that at least.

  • FullMetalJenkins:

    LOL This is Bad Ass!

  • kinggrimmy:

    Why did those kids turn into members of the Village People when they pressed the buttons? Odd…
    Love that ‘Vette. Thanks for showing them man!

  • exillionXLR:

    The voiceover from the switchforce advert..where have we heard him before?? hmmmmm

    Swimmingly faceman ;)

  • CobraCommanderTFW:

    ah of course i should have been able to figure out this is what you were gonna do, i prefer the other A teams thing, kinda mask like if you ask me.

  • Kongu954:

    lol fair enough.

  • jiidee:

    Oooooh….you guuyyyy…..seriously though seeing people say that makes me uncomfortable. I was just joking!

  • jiidee:

    Hail Steve. Dude i didn’t even realise you were still watching my vids. lol. I did a video a few vids back on my first attempts to repaint a little Hellboy dude. I’d appreciate it if you’d cast your eye over it and be brutally honest.

  • jiidee:

    I think i may keep my eye open for the switchforce A-Team van..just to complete the pair..but this is the extend of my SwitchForce collection.

  • jiidee:

    Coming from Awesome Thew of Thew’s Awesome Reviews thats high praise indeed!

  • jen8wolf:


  • thekamloopian:

    Agreein’ with Kong954, yes indeed. A nice find. My parents just simple disposed of all of my old toys or gave them away. Mind you we smashed a lot of them too (I have a garbage bag or two of retained broken crap of my son. Down the road he’ll eventually will be surprised.)

  • Wheelbreaker41:

    I’m speechless!!!

  • popculturehero:

    Switchforce announcer seems familiar. Classic Transformers.

    Look like great toys, I trust you will be reviewing them soon then.

  • Kongu954:

    That was great. Yes jiidee, you are indeed awesome.

  • jiidee:

    I decided to channel a bit of Pred for a bit. God love that Keith.

  • jiidee:

    Why i oughta *shakes fist*

  • primus1873:

    l had the a-team van

  • TWpikachu:

    oooh, i usede to have that A team corvette as well. P.S, pow-r-trons were shit

  • barutazaru:


  • Timey2Wimey:

    ooooooooooooh JiiDee you’re so awesome! Can I bottle up that awesomeness and sell it on eBay?

    Wow, I didn’t even remember these toys existing, let alone a A-Team variant. Good show!

  • movieman33843:

    I had the A-Team van in the switch force. Nice find man.

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