Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kid by Mattel

Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kid by Mattel

BLiPPEE – Because everyone likes toys! – The Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kid is ironically one of the best-functioning Cabbage Patch dolls ever produced. The doll comes with plastic food that it “eats”. They became the “ought to have” for Christmas of 1996. Recalled due to the fact it also eats the fingers and hair of their owners.

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  • 01bluebusa:

    I have one for sale in near mint condition, if interested! Some of the food is missing, but she works great!! Message me!

  • brieks07:

    I remember getting this doll as a child! I loved it! Like others have commented, a simple “off” switch could have saved the whole thing from being recalled.

  • Jigglypufflove33:

    [other Cabbage Patch kids are great!]

  • JMUHockeyGirl:

    “Look inside her backpack, the snacks keep coming back”? AGH! Something might be wrong with your child if phenomenon like that occur. Eeek!

  • cowboyboom:

    i still have mine NIB!

  • SoShaLLitBeDumb:

    Oh ya those were fantastic! Parents would run into the room to find their kids little digits tucked away in those lil packsacks after having been chewed off!

  • JessicaYvonne09:

    aww, I still have mine in my closet! I found her the other day =)

  • Elliottslingsby:

    It’s anus is on it’s back. What has science done?!

  • Piratechicka07:

    Hahaha!!! My cousin had one of these things when she was little! We woke up one morning, to find that it had eaten her hair! Ever since then, we’ve called them demon toys. Good times. :)

  • godkilleroswin:

    she really loves to eat your hair

    notice how these young girls have no bangs

  • xglambarbiex:

    My friend had this doll and I used to stick my finger in it’s mouth and it didn’t chew my finger off. I loved this doll. So much fun.

  • tapanda100:

    oh my goodness im glad i dident have one of these when i was little…knowing me i would probably stick my finger in there just to see what would happen when i was little

  • KikiC423:

    I can see it now… I’ll be sitting around someday, telling my grandkids, “Back in MY day, you had to be careful, or your doll would eat YOU! We didn’t have no fancy on/off switches, so ya just had to watch your back.”

  • wowelite2:

    i just read that this doll was removed after several kids getting their fingers and hair in it lool

  • itsmedontuc:

    I remember having this! I tried to get my hair stuck in it on purpous lol I was YOUNG lmao I remember the little banana

  • dalaztpoet:

    @Sylvia762 its on Amazon for like a 100 bucks beware though its a dangerous chewed a kid finger

  • 2704heatherwolf:

    @Butterkupp1 yes and this was also a doll put out in the early 90s so she wouldnt find it anyway unless she looked online on ebay

  • 2704heatherwolf:

    @DimSimToughBitch this doll is a canniable and a little kid got her finger stuck in its mouth and they had to take the doll apart to remove the kids finger crushed the bones in the kids finger

  • 2704heatherwolf:

    @DimSimToughBitch yes this doll is a canniable

  • jackievongrimm:

    @DimSimToughBitch ahh i remember that! ahahah

  • DimSimToughBitch:

    didn’t this doll eat kids hair or something?

  • DimSimToughBitch:

    @BlippeeToys yeah, mattel didn’t say that you could turn it off by taking off its backpack

  • AtariMan76:

    These actually were taken off the market, because one of those dolls ate a little girl’s hair. I am not making this up!

  • Butterkupp1:

    @ Sylvia762 you wont find it because its recalled and it was pulled off the shelves sorry :(

  • Sylvia762:

    i want that soooo bad. i like the way thechewing looks!!!

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