Solar Huge Wheel Love Seat – Bob Schneeveis, on Hippy Gourmet

Solar Huge Wheel Love Seat – Bob Schneeveis, on Hippy Gourmet In this segment from the Hippy Gourmet we meet Bob Schneeveis once again and he takes us for a ride on his Solar Powered Massive Wheel Really like Seat that also doubles as an RV! Bob is a crazy and wonderful inventor of solar powered vehicles. This particular rolling sofa is yet another in a lengthy line of great creations that all contribute to a greater understanding of solar energy for a greater environment and world! For much more solar automobile enjoyable, check out these clips http
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15 Responses to “Solar Huge Wheel Love Seat – Bob Schneeveis, on Hippy Gourmet”

  • roysfoto:

    He is a great genius.

  • AllFractUp:

    If this were a production machine it could be classified as an N.E.V. (neighborhood electric vehcle). By replacing the two large eye cut-outs with plexi-glas, providing passenger restraints, head lights, tail lights, blinkers, and a horn it now becomes a street legal machine.

    Control of the car should be on both sides. The canopy needs to be stronger to deter theft and stand up to winds, rain, etc. Batteries are needed for sunless days. NEVs like this can make the US a stronger nation.

  • ThenewRoto:

    I want one….

  • jbrannon69:

    that is so sweet he is one very smart man!

  • letreners:

    Damn hippys! Get off my youtube!

    That thing looks fun as hell.

  • docbiscuts:

    i was thinking the same thing!

  • hippygourmet:

    Yes Bob makes everything himself. He’s got a solar powered machine shop! : )

  • bjrcboy:

    Thanks I’ll have a look out at the next burn for him. Do you know if he made the wheels himself?

  • hippygourmet:

    Bob’s a tough guy to get in contact with. He doesn’t believe in e-mail or answering machines, but you can certainly find him at Burning Man or at electric car events.

  • bjrcboy:

    I’d love to build something like this for burning man! but perhaps a bicycle powered version. Anyway i could get in contact with the builder?

  • johnlebl:

    Now I can’t seem to get “Proud Mary” out of my head. What a creative genius. I wouldn’t be suprised if his home had some neat stationary Rube Goldbergesque devices as well.

  • gabydewilde:

    Just make sure it looks really amusing.

    They won’t risk taking you to serious.

  • mousepotato64:

    Now that’s cool. Just keep your hands away from the spokes.

  • LiveToThink:

    too bad if you’re going to take it on the road the gov is going to make you spend thousands upon thousands more in production and safety issues for it to go mainstream although i’d love to see people using these every day

  • roidroid:


    it seems like such a good and fun idea to make your own vehicles. But there are so many laws that stop you from using the roads. I don’t think the government would allow you to drive these vehicles on the roads, there would be so much paperwork and they would insist on crash testing information etc.
    It really hamstrings my enthusiasm :(

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