Star Ocean Till the Finish of Time

Star Ocean Till the Finish of Time

Star Ocean Till the End of Time

  • Fate and Sofia are on vacation when the attack begins. As they separate, they’ll travel to different worlds and fight to reunite across worlds
  • Conventional role-playing action goes to a new level with an in-depth story, wonderful anime-style graphics and a far more advanced fighting system
  • Extraordinary characteristics like extended cinematic sequences, a new Vs. Mode and unparalleled genuine-tim combat options draw you into this epic role-playing saga

Four hundred years have passed because the climatic battle with the Ten Wise Men from Star Ocean: The Second Story. The year is now SD 772. Humans and aliens co-exist some in a lot more advanced societies than other people. The Pangalactic Federation continues

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  • S. Rhodes:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    You’ll be playing Till the End of Time, September 5, 2004
    S. Rhodes
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Star Ocean Till the End of Time (Video Game)

    Star Ocean is finally here, the game that we’ve been waiting for and an RPG that sparks a lot of interest in ways unimaginable. Surprisingly enough, the game is fairly addictive with the themes of a good RPG right off the bat, a good story, loveable characters and a grand battle system.

    Star Ocean is a more science fiction like RPG. To put it simple, if you like RPGs and Star Trek, I don’t need to tell you to get this game, chances are you’ll already have it.

    Star Ocean begins with Fayt, a boy staying at a hotel resort with his parents and childhood friend Sophia. Everything is going nice and well until the resort is suddenly attacked by starships. Fayt and company end up having to evacuate the resort but ultimately Fayt is separated from those he loves. Now he is stranded on an unknown planet to fend for himself and find his friends. It starts off nice and simple but as the game goes on the story developes more and becomes a bit more complex than it sounds.

    Star Ocean is a little different from the traditional RPG. It eliminates random battles and instead you can see all the enemies running around on the field. Each time you touch an enemy you initiate combat and this is where Star Ocean is the most interesting. The other interesting tid-bit is that its all real time battle, and free roaming. When in battle you can run around as one of three characters freely either dodging attacks or blocking them. This makes the game more fun than it actually sounds.

    In battle, each character has a “Fury” gauge. When at 100% the character can attack swiftly without fail, and block certain attacks. The more “fury” you have the more success you’ll have in combat. If your characters fury guage reaches 0 then they can’t attack. Luckily, the fury gauge fills up very fast when you stand still. You’re also not limited to just one character. You can switch from one character to another any time you wish.

    Each character also gets “Symbology” which is Star Ocean’s form of magic. The magic is diverse in terms of how much there is and what they do (stun enemies, deal wide areas of damage etc.). Some skills cost more than others but its an RPG I’m sure you knew this.

    Battles are fun but the game is a challenge. Especially bosses which can be unforgiving at times. It’s easy to pick up the battle system, but it could take a moment to master. Dungeons are also overly populated with enemies. This wouldn’t be so bad if the dungeons weren’t so big, and if the number of items you could carry weren’t so limited.

    Star Ocean also has an “inventors” system. Each character, playable and non-playable, create inventions based on what they’re best at. Some characters are best at cooking and make several different foods. Others are good at smithing and create useful weapons. When an item is “invented” it becomes available to buy. Some characters will create some pretty useless things but it makes the game bigger.

    Star Ocean also features a system in which the characters have a hidden attribute as to how much they like you. Depending on the decisions you make will alter what the characters think of you and will also give you a different ending.

    The game looks beautiful. Not quite as good looking as previous PS2 games before it, but those who liked the look and feel of Xenosaga will feel right at home. The games graphics look a little anime style with the big eyes and the multitudes of hair. The game is simply gorgeous.

    The game also sounds really good. The voice acting is top-notch for a video game and the character voices go along quite well at times. The overall music isn’t bad but takes a while to get used to. Not quite as deep as other games but it suits the situation just fine.

    The game has A LOT of dialogue and the cutscenes are long but luckily you can skim though most of it without having to listen to each character word for word. If you read faster than the characters actually speak you might want to just turn off the talking all together. You can also skip cutscenes, but at least the game isn’t as drowned out in dialogue as several other games out there (Xenosaga anyone?).

    Star Ocean is a pretty good game overall. It has a few small problems but as far as games go, it stand above many out there. If you’re an avid RPGer you might want to get this game and try it out.

    The Good
    +Beautiful Graphics
    +Voices are pretty well done
    +Battling is more interactive and fun
    +Good music
    +Good storyline
    +The game will keep you busy for a while

    The Bad
    -Dungeons are ridiculously huge
    -A lot of talking, making the story pace a little slow
    -Most of the gameplay is spent leveling up your characters as opposed to actually advancing the storyline

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  • John. N:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Tri-ace cooks up another excellent game…, February 6, 2005
    John. N (Big Run, PA USA) –
    Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Star Ocean Till the End of Time (Video Game)

    First of all, I am so tired of how people think Square-Enix made this game – NO! Square-Enix did not make this game, they only presented it and slapped their logo on it (which isn’t a bad thing, as Square is awesome), but give credit where it’s due people! Okay, my rant is over, I’ll begin the review.

    Being a fan of Star Ocean: The Second Story that I am, the debut of Star Ocean 3 is the one of the reasons I finally broke down and brought a PSX2, even if the hardware is the weakest of all the systems, both in in power and durabilty.

    On the positive side, Star Ocean 3 improves on its predecessor in many ways. Unlike Star Ocean 2, everything is now 3D (could you imagine if Star Ocean 2 was fully 3D on the PSX, the PSX would probably burst into flames trying to play it!) While the graphics are good, they never quite reach the level of other RPG’s such as Xenosaga or Final Fantasy (there are some obviously cut corners). This, however, is understandable as combat is much more chaotic, being there is much more going on on-screen at any given time in Star Ocean than either of the afformentioned titles. The fact their is no slowdown during battles is also a testiment to the game overall (the same can’t be said for the rest of the game however).

    Combat has always been Star Ocean’s claim to fame, and this installment delivers in spades. While combat was extremely fun in Star Ocean 2, it was rather simplistic in nature as it mainly consisted of pushing buttons to preform special attacks to maul your opponent. Star Ocean 3 adds an entirely new layer the combat system with the addition of a fury meter (which is a fancy word for a characters’ or enemy’s stamina). No longer can you attack rerentlessly without pausing for a short break for your character to catch their breath. Fury also acts a blocking and counterattack measure as well, forcing players to use their heads instead of mashing buttons.

    Item creation, Star Ocean’s other claim to fame, has also recieved another impressive upgrade, now allowing you to customize your weapons and armor with various effects and factors. You can also hire people to create items for you while your exploring dungeons and the like.

    Unfortunately, as far as Star Ocean 3 climbs, their are a few things that hold it back. The fact you can only use three characters in battle (compared to four in Star Ocean 2) is a bit of a letdown. Overall the game itself it pretty easy (the story portion of the game that is – say your prayers for some of the optional areas within the game).

    Star Ocean 3′s story is probably the game’s biggest stumbling block. It’s not the story is not good (although it is slow to develop, just like in Star Ocean 2), but it’s this element of the game that will ultimately end up being the deciding factor if players will enjoy Star Ocean 3 or not (I know it was for me – I liked the story and it’s various twists, but then at the same time I didn’t ~ talk about an enigma!).

    I definately would recommend Star Ocean 3 to any RPG fan, especially since there wasn’t a new Final Fantasy title in 2004, but again, this game is not for everyone.

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  • Darius Jackson "Action Jackson":
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    If theres anything I’ve learned in the past 12 years of gaming…, November 29, 2005
    Darius Jackson “Action Jackson” (Rocklin, California United States) –

    Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Star Ocean Till the End of Time (Video Game)

    It’s this:
    RPG’s and reviewers don’t get along. By about this time you’ve probably read most of the 1 and 2 star reviews on this game and are probably thinking “hey! this game must really suck! these guys said so!” – well, think again. RPG’s are a funny thing – because there’s really no set formula for rating an RPG (or any game if you wanna get technical). It’s completely based on user-expierence. Like for instance: People complain that Star Oceans battle expierence is too “complicated”, “hard” and “uneven” – Quite the contrary. I found it to be an absolute blast. It made perfect sense, and was not hard at all. Are the enemies to tough? Well, get tripple EXP battle bonus, spend 20 min destroying enemies, and level up! Oh hay… now the enemies are really easy and its fun! Gee, that made sense. Does this enemy use status effects? Oh! Use an item to cure it…hey, I won the battle. Makes sense. Is this boss destroying me? How come? Why, its because he does more MP damage then HP… okay, just make sure to use MP healing items – tada! I win. Piece of cake.

    Honestly – I’m absolutely baffled that so many people are complaining about the battle difficulty – or the computer controlled AI (come on, it’s not THAT bad… ive seen much much worst *cough* Diakatana anyone?). Have these so called “RPG players” forgotten how RPG’s are played?! If you suddenly run into hard enemies – You go back to the previous “land” and level up. Problem solved. Now you move on with the game. This is how its always been and it has never changed. I think the main complaint here about SO3 is that it happens very early in the game – not later on in the game; like most RPGs (like the Final Fantasy series, where all the *real* battles happen towards the end of the game). So the game is a little harder from the get go. Big deal? You accept the challenge, patiently go through with it and wait for the moment when the game allows you to battle endlessly throughout the land’s and gain massive EXP and level up like crazy. Now you’re in complete control of the enemies and the game is much easier.

    So you didn’t like the storyline, or characters, or art, etc. So what… those are all opinions. Just like this review. I actually thought the storyline was decent. Nothing mind blowing, but at the same time, nothing horribally uninspired like some reviewers here are trying to paint it out to be. Yes, the characters are cliched and flat – but guess what… FFVII was the same way. Cloud was a moron, Tifa was a big-breasted brunette, Sephiroth was the typical psuedo-goth enemy guy, and Aries was the gentle pretty girl that every japanesse made RPG has – and Barret just yelled alot of non-sense. But a lot of people consider them to be “awesome” and “inspiring” characters. Go figure. There all cliched from past games/movies. Theres no point smash-talking a game because of “originality” – it’s practically impossible to find any kind of originality nowadays since everything is borrowed from previous work and ideas. It’s the same substance, just wrapped differently.

    With that all said – I actually forgot what point I was trying to make (if any). Basically; it boils down to the old “don’t judge a book by its cover” quote. It’s the same for games -’specially RPG’s. If your an RPG fan and is looking for a “filler” game until the next cliched-ridden FF game comes out – then try this one. I promise you it won’t hurt you to ignore all the negative crapola that people say about this game and just give it a try. Take the game for what it is, and its a pretty decent one to add to the list.

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