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Dinky Toys – 1948-54 Morris Oxford Saloon (#40G or #159)

Dinky Toys – 1948-54 Morris Oxford Saloon (#40G or #159)

Image by The Brucer
The Morris Oxford Dinky Toy was produced by Meccano Ltd. (Liverpool, UK) between 1950 and 1960. For the last 4 years of this production run (1956-60), the Oxford was released only in a two-tone color scheme. Thus, the particular single-colored car shown in this photo had to have been produced between 1950 and 1956.

The "40" series of Dinkys — ultimately consisting of eight British saloon (sedan) cars — was the first completely new series introduced by Meccano after production resumed following the end of WWII. This diecast Morris Oxford toy (originally numbered #40G) was presumably the seventh in this series. It was re-numbered as #159 in 1953-54.

Since there is no number stamped on the baseplate of this car, it is unknown whether it was produced before or after this numbering change. However, it is believed that the particular toy shown in this photo was purchased in Llanelli, Wales, between 1950 and 1953 for a young man who obviously took very good care of his Dinkys. Thus, it is quite possible that the toy in the photo predates the numbering change and is technically #40G.

The Oxford was a line of British cars manufactured by the Morris Motor Company between 1913 and 1971. (Actually, Morris Motor Company disappeared as a separate entity in 1952 when it was merged into British Motor Corp., but the Morris Oxford vehicle continued beyond that time.) During this 58-year production run, the Oxford went through ten design generations. The car represented by this model is the fifth generation of Oxford, manufactured between 1948 and 1954 (consistent with the fact that Meccano introduced this toy in 1950).

This car had a 1.5L side-valve straight-4 engine capable of producing 40 hp. Also referred to as the Oxford MO, this car was also sold with a 2-door estate ("station") wagon body.