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Capitalist Toys “A Selection of Toy Boats and Toy Motorcycles From the Forbes Collection Magazine

Capitalist Toys “A Selection of Toy Boats and Toy Motorcycles From the Forbes Collection Magazine

  • Sotheby’s Auction Catalog
  • Capitalist Toys “A Selection Of Toy Boats And Toy Motorcycles
  • From The Forbes Collection Magazine”

A Rare Out Of Print Sotheby’s Auction Catalog,

Titled: Capitalist Toys
“A Selection Of Toy Boats And Toy Motorcycles From The Forbes Collection Magazine”,

December 19, 1994,

Lot Size 203,

Order Of Sale Is As Follows,

Lots 1-89 Toy Motorcyc

List Price: $ 49.99

Price: $ 49.99

The Many Reasons for Utilizing Remote Controlled Boats

The A lot of Reasons for Utilizing Remote Controlled Boats

Think it or not, people uncover a lot of distinct factors to use remote controlled boats. These fun little toys come in a number of different options such as size, color, style, speed, and durability. You will locate that there is a wide range of price points as nicely, how a lot you select to invest truly depends on how often you will use the RC boats, and what you will be utilizing them for. If you have some interest in remote controlled boats but you don’t know how you would use it, think about the following concepts.


Make RC boats your hobby, and you will never have to worry about how you will spend yet another Sunday afternoon once more. This can be a enjoyable and relaxing activity that you can do on your own or with pals and family members. You can even use your older remote controlled boats to fix other people just as you would if you have a motorcycle or vehicle hobby.

A lot of people tend to collect numerous distinct boats when this becomes their hobby.


It’s accurate, there are actual racing teams located all through the country, in which the teams practice racing their RC boats with every other, and then go head to head with other teams that want to race. Like any other sport, you have an objective, you have the teams pitted against each and every other, and you have fans cheering each one on. It is beginning to choose up a lot of steam as a common sports game so if you do not see a racing team in your region yet, rest assured you will. You may possibly even want to believe about being the 1 to start the team.


You can even go fishing with the use of remote controlled boats. You do not even have to leave land in order to take advantage of what these boats can do for you and your fishing objectives. You can take benefit of on the water fishing although staying ashore by simply using your RC boats to cast the fishing line and to pull fish in to shore. There is even an RC fishing pole on the marketplace that will fit any remote controlled boat. What a way to spend the day! The youngsters would surely love participating in this knowledge.


It may be enjoyable to just take your remote controlled boats out for a spin as soon as in awhile without it having to turn into something a lot more. You can take them out for a enjoyable day when you feel like it, and then put them away and forget about them for a few months if you want to. Because RC boats are so cost-effective, there is no reason not to invest in 1 or two.

Welcome to Remote Control Boats Plus, inside you will discover an remarkable choice of low priced and excellent quality remote controlled boats.

Capitalist Toys – Sotheby’s December 19, 1994 (A Selection of Toy Boats and Toy Motorcycles from the Forbes Magazine Collection)

Capitalist Toys – Sotheby’s December 19, 1994 (A Selection of Toy Boats and Toy Motorcycles from the Forbes Magazine Collection)

A Selection of Toy Boats and Toy Motorcycles from the Forbes Magazine Collection




  • Fantastic GIFT
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  • Take the control of the wind to unlock the magic of sailing. Get pleasure from actual yacht like control with this high-performance racing yacht!

As a fully assembled Ready Set, the enjoyable of model yachting can be experienced after completing just a few straightforward actions. The handy 770mm length and unique structure of the lightweight FRP hull (fiber reinforced) successfully transfers wind energy into w

List Price: $ 779.99

Cost: $ 779.99

Pushball Racing Speed Boats Combo Pack Electric RTR Remote Control RC Boats (Color May Vary)

Pushball Racing Speed Boats Combo Pack Electric RTR Remote Control RC Boats (Color May Vary)

  • Electric Powered
  • Full Function Transmitter
  • Telescoping Antenna
  • 2 Pushball Boats
  • Detailed Paint Color and Decals

Are you searching for an awesome RC set to play with your buddies? Properly look no further, introducing the Pushball Racing Speed Boats Combo Pack Electric RTR RC Boats! This amazing RC boat set is one of the coolest RC sets we have observed in a lengthy time! P

List Price: $ 24.95

Cost: $ 24.95

Have All The Fun And Excitement With Rc Boats

Have All The Fun And Excitement With Rc Boats

RC devices are always fun and excitement for people of all ages. You can have all the past time with RC boats when on your favorite picnic or even on weekends. Electric versions might fly one the surface of the water whereas with RC boats, you might just stay dry and safe relaxing on the shores of the water! It is possible as when using RC boat you may never have to step in the water. No matter if you like playing with rc boats along with your friends or even try to get engaged into it as a hobby, there certainly are more than millions of ways of getting involved in all the fun and excitement.

So what can be more exciting than enjoy your best collection of rc boats in your fleet. One of the main reasons why this is looked up as an outstanding hobby is that your budget for collecting different types of rc boats, like electric rc boats or gas rc boats, can never define the parameters of your hobby. You can always try to collect rc boats that are available for an affordable price over the internet or even from sale going on in the general store. This pastime can easily be accessible to anyone for an affordable price. Selecting the right type of electric rc boats or gas rc boats can always be an overwhelming task for anyone who is new to the sport of collecting rc boats. You just have to try and maket he best choice for selecting the type of of engine make, style and size along with power.

There are a number of rc boats available in the present market that are in fact preassembled and so you just need to get started the moment you open up the box. Some other type of rc boats are available in the present market that require a lot of ornamentation in the later stages. So the way you are interested in handling your endeavor is simply your own personal choice. It certainly is possible for anyone to use electric rc boats that are straight out of box and may not need much of ornamentation works. You have to keep in mind that there are a number of people who enjoy assembling and preparing their own personal ornamented rc boats as they get a chance to get further involved with their bets collection. There are a number of rc boats available in the market that are provided with a simple instruction manual for assembling them.

So if you are a new boat user it is important that you read the complete set of instructions so you avoid any further damage as these rc boats certainly do have a number of delicate parts that could in fact be damaged if not assembled in their proper place. When going through the assembling part, it is important that you follow a few set of instructions. In case you feel that you are not able to understand the procedure, than you can also try to seek the help of an expert.

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RC Boats
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Brand New Website – RC Cars, RC Boats, RC Planes, RC Tanks, RC Helicopters, RC Upgrades and accessories for avid RC enthusiasts!

Brand New Website – RC Cars, RC Boats, RC Planes, RC Tanks, RC Helicopters, RC Upgrades and accessories for avid RC enthusiasts!

Nitrogen RC is a brand new e-commerce website that specializes in selling the best quality RC Cars, RC Boats, RC Helicopters, RC Tanks and other RC products. Remote controlled toys are becoming increasingly popular these days not only among children but also among adults as these toys bring lot of fun to the user. Playing with remote controlled cars and remote controlled planes is one of the most favourite pastime activities for many.

Nitrogen RC tries to meet the increasing demands for RC products and accessories by featuring the vast collection of RC products all under one roof. This Ecommerce website features only the best quality RC boats and RC helicopters. Customers can therefore order their favourite RC products confidently knowing that they will get nothing but the best from this online store. Nitrogen RC aims to provide the customers with the most up to date collection of RC cars and RC boats at the most affordable prices. Customers will be able to save a considerable amount of money by shopping at Nitrogen RC as all the products are not just affordable but they are very competitively priced. Customers will also be able to enjoy 100% free delivery on all their orders. This will further enhance the savings of the customers.

Nitrogen RC also features RC spare parts and accessories. So customers need not have to look for another RC store. They will find everything they need just by visiting this single store.

Though Nitrogen RC is a brand new ecommerce store, this online store makes the entire process of buying RC products easier than ever. Users will be order all their favourite RC products in a matter of just few clicks. All the products come with quality guarantee from Nitrogen RC. So customers have nothing to risk, they will be able to get the best value for their money. There is no need to waste money on poor quality RC toys and RC cars and RC boats anymore. Nitrogen RC brings the most exhaustive collection of RC products under customers’ fingertips. To know more about this new ecommerce website please visit

There has been a sky rocketing demand for remote controlled cars and understandably so. These automobiles are fun, worthwhile, fast and reliable. What better way to get your adrenaline pumping than RC Cars? Buying RC Cars is a popular hobby of many. These radio controlled vehicles offer a great degree of pleasure, excitement and fun to enthusiasts. If you are passionate about car racing, RC cars are for you. Navigate our gamut of RC toys at the touch of a button. Take your hobby to a whole new level! Bring out the racer in you! Let the fighter in you come to fore! All of our radio controlled cars, tanks, boats, toys etc. are heavily discounted against manufacturers RRP so you need not break the bank to buy these coveted RC accessories.

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Radio Control Boats – A Beginner’s Guide

Radio Control Boats – A Beginner’s Guide

As a beginner buying radio control boats, it can sometimes prove difficult to know where to begin in finding the right one. Below is a guide to choosing and buying radio control boats that beginner radio control hobbyists should find useful.

When it comes to accessories for your radio control boat, you will require at least a 2-channel radio control system. You may opt for the stick type transmitters in which the left up/down lever controls the speed, while the right left/right lever controls the boat’s direction. There are also pistol-type radio control systems in which the throttle is controlled using a gun-like trigger, while you use a wheel to control the direction of your boat. Most ready to run – RTR radio control boats come complete with a 2-channel radio control system.

When it comes to speed, you could go for the fast nitro radio control boats which offer out-of-the-box speeds that range between 25-35 mph. Alternatively, you may opt for an electric radio control boat with an out of box speed of 15 – 20+ mph, which is not only fast, but noiseless as well. This will enable you to drive it in areas where nitro boats are not permitted due to noise ordinances. If its relaxation you are after, you may want to go for the RC sailboats instead

Nitro powered radio control boats can run for long periods of time and only require a quick refueling before getting back to the water. Depending on the size of the boat and the battery pack, electric powered radio control boats will normally run for 10-15 minutes. Smaller boats will on the other hand run for 30-45 minutes per battery pack. Sailboats depend only on the batteries for the radio control system, which normally lasts for half an hour to one hour per battery charge.


Colin Nelsen loves playing with RC toys, having grown up with them. His favorite ones are the radio control boats – of which he has over 10 different models, and he enjoys meeting other people who share his passion for RC.

Types of Remote Control Boats

Types of Remote Control Boats

Remote control boats come in all shapes and sizes. Each type offers something different – sailboats are for lazy, relaxing afternoons, while racing boats offer an adrenaline rush to those who are looking for excitement.

Sport boats. Sport remote control boats are the most popular type among hobbyists.

Scale boats. These are replicas of full-size boats. Models can be only a few inches long, or weigh up to hundreds of pounds. The more skillful the builder, the more the model will resemble the original, with details such as planked decks, chrome or brass fittings, and cloth flags.

Sailboats. Like their full-size counterparts, remote control sailboats catch the wind with their sails to move around. Models are usually controlled with a multi-channel radio transmitter. Sailboats come in a wide range of sizes – some even tower over 4 feet above the water.

Racing boats. These boats are designed for maximum speed and maneuverability. There are two main types of racing hulls – three-point hydros and V-hulls, which require different water conditions.

Power boats. These are usually electric or internal combustion, while some are steam-powered. Powered remote control boats often have additional remote controlled functions to improve realism, such as sounding fog horns and rotating radar antennae. Power boats come in RTR (ready-to-run), ATR (almost ready-to-run), and kit versions.

Combat boats. Combat boats are an offshoot of the radio control model warships hobby that involves the firing of projectiles at opposing ships to sink or damage them. They are actually designed to be sinkable.

Airboats. These boats are powered by an airplane engine and prop mounted high above the stern. Their hull bottoms are, if not nearly, flat. Steering power may come from a water rudder, vanes on the fan, or both.

Deep V-Hulls. As their name suggests, these boats have hulls in the shape of a V, usually 150 degrees or less. They are capable of slicing through rough, choppy waters while maintaining their speed.

Riz Davis, 26, is the Internet Marketing Associate of Gadget Epoint LTD. Being internet savvy and geek at heart, she enjoys surfing the net for unusual gadgets and novelty items just for fun. And it sure does help that she gets to do what she loves most through her profession

Best Cheap RC Boats for Your Entertainment

Best Cheap RC Boats for Your Entertainment

Many people find it exciting to buy an RC boat and then be able to control it as it rushes and glides across the water, just like a real full-sized boat. RC boats have gained quite a following of remote control hobbyists over the years. RC boats can be found sailing and even racing in competitions across ponds, rivers, lakes and bays all over the country. It’s not always about speed with RC boats. Some collectors enjoy the simple art of designing their own dream boat in miniature and taking it out for a day on the water.

How to choose the right RC boat for different conditions? While many RC enthusiasts are consumed with thoughts of power and speed, scale boats are more about authenticity and realism — on a smaller scale; If you can master sailing, the RC sailboat can be a good beginner RC boat because there is generally less maintenance required — no motors or engines to deal with; Powerboat is the type of RC boat that attracts beginners and it’s probably the largest portion of the RC boat hobby. Powered by motors or engines, there are sport boats and racing boats. The sport boats are fun and relatively easy to operate. And because they aren’t primarily about speed they are a good choice if your only body of water is a large swimming pool or small pond. Racing boats require more skill because ease of operation is sacrificed in order to get more speed from the boat.

How to play RC boat happily and rightly? The best way to enjoy your new electric RC boat is to follow all local rules and regulations. This keeps everyone happy and your boat will bring you much more enjoyment. There are certain places that you may not be allowed to float your electric RC boat. One place you do not want to use your electric boat is in well-frequented places with large motorboats or lots of people. Your boat could seriously harm a person if it is a very powerful one. Or your electric RC boat could be destroyed by a Jet Ski or motorboat.

RC boats have been one of the most famous radio controlled toys for children. You can now buy various kinds of RC boats from some online marketplaces. is a good China online marketplace where the goods are cheap but high-qualified.

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